Nightlife in Ten Mile Bridge

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Alba's slakes fiery appetites with a refined selection of hearty wheat pastas, savory meats, and wholesome vegetables. Bring lunching stomachs tableside for the noontime special, featuring baked lasagna ($5.95) and a panoply of noodley delights ($5.95), or swan dive into a pool of meats, backstroke through veggies, and snorkel under a layer of cheese with a large Neapolitan pizza ($9.50). Evening eaters can begin exploring the authentic abyss of the dinner menu with an order of tasty fried shrimp lounging on a bed of lettuce ($9.95). Then anchor incisors in the seafaring treasure of linguini with clams, served with a choice of red or white sauce ($11.95), or keep landlubbing tongues onshore with the chicken Diana, sautéed with mushrooms, artichoke heads, garlic, and sherry, and then drizzled with a light pink sauce over spaghetti ($10.95).

4601 Boat Club Rd
Fort Worth,