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$69 for 12 CrossFit Fundamentals Classes at CrossFit Carol Stream ($150 Value)

CrossFit Carol Stream

Carol Stream

Thrice-weekly Fundamentals classes initiate students to CrossFit's functional-movement exercises as well as helpful nutritional plans

$150 $69

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$44 for $125 Worth of CrossFit — Arioch, LLC DBA CrossFit Arioch

Arioch, Llc Dba Crossfit Arioch


Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

$125 $44

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10 or 20 CrossFit Classes at CrossFit Alpha Dog (Up to 71% Off)

CrossFit Alpha Dog


Instructors motivate students through a rotating lineup of organic movements, plyometric, and sprinting exercises

$150 $49

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10 Introductory CrossFit Classes or One Month of CrossFit Classes at CrossFit Xyston (Up to 69% Off)

Crossfit Xyston

Hoffman Estates

High-intensity, ever-changing fitness routines enhance functional fitness with a combination of strength training, cardio, and gymnastics

$125 $39

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$39 for a Five-Week CrossFit Program with Health Assessment at CrossFit Paradox ($200 Value)

CrossFit Paradox

Downers Grove

Classes fuse elements of strength training, cardio, gymnastics, and plyometrics to create a new workout each day; health assessment included

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CrossFit Classes at CrossFit Lake Villa (Up to 80% Off). Three Options Available.

CrossFit Lake Villa

Lake Villa

Instructors motivate students of all fitness abilities through ever-changing, high-intensity fitness routines based on functional movements

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1 Month of Unlimited CrossFit Classes for one or two at CrossFit 1013 (76% Off)

CrossFit 1013


Dynamic strength and conditioning routines employ rowers, rings, dumbbells, and other old-school tools to tone bodies of all skill levels

$135 $35

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10 Half-Hour CrossFit Personal Training Sessions for One or Two at K-Star Fitness (50% Off)

K-Star Fitness

Lake in the Hills

Exercisers sweat their way through intense, ever-changing functional-fitness workouts in an 8,000 sq. ft. facility open seven days a week

$500 $249

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10 CrossFit Classes at Stormfront Crossfit (65% Off)

Stormfront Crossfit

Crystal Lake

Can use toward six fundamental classes and four CrossFit classes.

$145 $51

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Ten or Twenty CrossFit Classes or One Month of Unlimited CrossFit Classes at CrossFit 815 (Up to 81% Off)

CrossFit 815

Crystal Lake

Certified trainers lead exercise routines that blend weightlifting, gymnastics & track-and-field techniques to build strength & versatility

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2-Week CrossFit On-Ramp Program, or 5 or 10 CrossFit Classes at Final Round Combat Sports Academy (Up to 71% Off)

Final Round Combat Sports Academy


Ever-changing workouts of the day keep CrossFit’s functional-fitness classes interesting and work all sorts of muscles

$100 $29

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Andres Schwartz, a US Navy SEAL veteran, casts a bemused gaze at a group of accountants, stay-at-home moms, and pharmaceutical reps as they scramble, sweat pouring into their eyes, over the military-style obstacle course that runs through his gym. He follows them to "The Beast"—an impossibly monstrous pull-up contraption where groups grapple with monkey bars, hoist themselves on rings, and shoulder weights at four squat racks. His unblinking gaze cants toward the ceiling watching a pupil's white-knuckled hand cling to the 12-foot climbing wall, before he turns toward the layered bars of "The Weaver"—a part of the obstacle course's outdoor component. He strolls, arms behind his back, over to a group whose neck tendons strain in unison as they heave against medicine balls, ropes, and kettlebells, the last step in the grueling circuit.

By amassing these functional training fixtures, Andres and his team of trainers prep guests to punch through life's everyday roadblocks. FTX stands for 'Final/Field Training Exercise', and makes up the drills that ensure military personnel are ready for an upcoming mission. FTX CrossFit, brings that concept to the gym, challenging exercisers to complete realistic, if somewhat exaggerated, physical challenges without cheating or cloning a stunt double. The gym's trainers demonstrate CrossFit's signature blend of gymnastics maneuvers, Olympic weightlifts, and bodyweight exercises during classes for both adults and children.

1N030 Gary Avenue
Carol Stream,

Nate Aye's life story is best organized by the form of exercise he was pursuing at any one point. In high school, he wrestled before joining the Marine Corps. After several tours of duty overseas, he came home and took up mixed martial arts. As he trained, he became fascinated by the stories of strong men from the past, who, without the aid of supplements or modern exercise science, performed feats of power that have yet to duplicated. So he studied their techniques and developed a program based upon their training tactics, which he now teaches at Golden Age Strength Club. In his classes, men and women work toward strong, lean bodies and improved athleticism, while actively supporting the community of dedicated exercisers around them.

Practicing his new methodology, Nate made it all the way to the Las Vegas finals for the 2012 American Ninja Warrior Contest. There, he swung from moving curtains, scaled perfectly smooth inverted walls, and broke a DVD of American Ninja in half just by looking at it.

356 E Gundersen Dr.
Carol Stream,

Inclusiveness. That's a big reason the trainers at CrossFit Carol Stream subscribe to the CrossFit system. Not only is it effective, but its level of difficulty is scalable to all ages as well as skill and fitness levels. To get everyone in on the action, they adapt its slate of functional-movement exercises to suit each participant. Those movements are performed at a high intensity during workouts that change daily to stave off boredom. Workouts feature everything from Olympic weightlifting and sprints to lunges, pull-ups, and medicine-ball toss-back.

That's the other reason they love CrossFit—it's comprehensive. The cross-training techniques get everyone ready for all physical activities they may undertake, including simple household chores. And the coaches don't just throw everyone into the program and hope they hit the ground running. Instead, they begin with Fundamentals classes that help students nail down techniques and learn about supplementary nutritional plans.

163 E Saint Charles Rd
Carol Stream,

People come to Elite Fitness Training with a wide range of goals: some might be trying to make the cut for a sports team, others just want to lose a few pounds. The diversity of clientele stems from the versatilty of the studio's co-founders Corey Honore and Dan Luif and their staff, who welcome all clients and can help people achieve nearly any fitness goal. Their recipe is positive motivation and group fitness classes such as circuit training, athletic training, and boot camps, which work the entire body, not just the fitness glands. In addition, Sharon E. Avendano and Aaron Petrynek spearhead the facility's Elite Boxing Athletic Conditioning program.

434 Cromwell Cir Unit 2

At CrossFit Arioch Level 1 certified trainer Alberto Diaz and his team lead groups of exercisers as they squat, sprint, and lift their way to better health. A different Workout of the Day awaits with every visit to the gym, complete with a fresh batch of functional exercises that helps performance in other areas of life, such as holding on tightly to the outside of an overcrowded carriage. The gym takes an all-inclusive approach to fitness, believing that every exercise can be scaled to suit individuals of any fitness level?and that every student has the capacity to improve.

1235 Humbracht Circle

CrossFit Caliber’s CEO and head coach Arnel Delosreyes has firsthand knowledge of the transformative power of the CrossFit method. After training for years in traditional gyms, Delosreyes thought he had achieved a certain level of fitness, but his first CrossFit class gave him a new perspective on the matter. Inspired, the father, husband, and lawyer added a new title to his resume: certified CrossFit trainer.

Today, Delosreyes and his fellow CrossFit Caliber coaches lead students through workouts that follow CrossFit’s dogma of varied, functional fitness. The explosive sessions blend different fitness elements, such as strength training, cardio, gymnastics, and plyometrics. Like a page-a-day calendar’s page, workouts change every day, but always focus on intense conditioning.

1092 Frances Drive