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A licensed chiropractor diagnoses maladies and treats them by realigning the spinal vertebrae

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Chiropractic duo locates sources of pain during exams and corrects them with gentle, hands-on spinal adjustments

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North Raleigh

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Dr. Ashforth seeks out signs of restricted movement and spinal misalignment before therapists provide a 60-minute massage

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Reflexologist massages feet with pressure point techniques that target bodily ailments while using wax infused with a self-heating gel

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Nutritional supplements facilitate weight loss, promote muscle growth, or advance progress toward health goals

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Chiropractic packages include an exam, x-rays, and three spinal adjustments; spinal decompression sessions last 20 minutes

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Northwest Raleigh

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Chiropractor pinpoints areas of pain and works to noninvasively relieve them with adjustments and spinal decompression

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North Hills

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Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

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Northwest Raleigh

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Skilled chiropractor pinpoints areas of pain and corrects them with drug-free, noninvasive adjustments

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North Raleigh

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Skilled chiropractors restore balance and dismiss pain with adjustments and spinal decompression

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North Raleigh

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Licensed massage therapist uses pressure points in the hands and feet to access deep aches in the body and promote healing

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Cupping combines massage movements and negative pressure with the use of a suction device to relieve pain and increase circulation

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Chiropractor with experience in personal training looks for subluxations in the spine and breaks apart scar tissue in the muscles

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The five-step Gonstead chiropractic technique ensures a thorough analysis of the spine before treatment begins

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A chiropractor assess spines with a thermography scan and x-rays before removing subluxations with gentle-pressure adjustments

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After a 15-minute consultation, Jodi spends 30–40 minutes using her hands to conduct energy without physical touch, restoring balance to qi

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Chapel Hill

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Certified hypnotherapist induces a deeply calm state to alleviate stress and help with issues such as overeating, smoking, and insomnia

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Dr. Wendy M. Robbins knows that spinal health can affect the entire body—causing everything from back pain to different-length legs. At Robbins Chiropractic Center, she works to keep spines on the straight and narrow, helping her patients lead happier and healthier lives. One technique she uses, the Thompson Method, requires the patient to turn his or her head, while the chiropractor notes how the movement affects leg length. The results help Dr. Robbins pinpoint vertebral subluxations without using invasive procedures or the power of ESP. However, she also draws upon advanced technologies, examining spines with x-rays before making manual adjustments or using a spring-loaded tool that gently and precisely realigns vertebrae. These adjustments can help relieve ailments including lower-back pain, migraines, and arthritis.

406 US 1 Hwy

We combine the most up to date technology with age old healing wisdom. The body is self-healing! We just have to find the interference in that system and remove it.

2824 Rogers Rd
Wake Forest,

Wellville Massage & Healing Arts founder Kim Dupre believes that only a calm mind and body can properly focus on healing and rejuvenation. Their mission is to make on-going bodywork available for everyone, by offering accessible pricing. She has designed her center around the principles of relaxation, helping clients slip into a stress-free state while the friendly staff works its holistic-healing magic. In addition to massage, which is Dupre's specialty, available therapies include couples massages with hot tub sessions, essential-oil-infused raindrop therapy, and steam treatments that help cleanse toxins.

2101 Chapel Hill Rd

At Chiropractic Wellness at Brier Creek, you can align your body-buttress with the steady-handed skill of a force-utilizing X-wing pilot moonlighting as a professional Jenga-stacker. In addition to obtaining a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Chiropractic Wellness’s Dr. Craig T. French has 16 years of experience in the field. Utilizing his many years of backology experience and strong, walnut-crushing turkey stencils, Dr. French steamrolls stressed back areas with the speed of a mechanical dog-racing lure.

2224 Page Rd

Dr. Nathan Blakenship adheres to the traditions of chiropractic care in that he eschews all drugs and surgery. Since receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1998, Dr. Blankenship been focused on helping patients heal, specializing in particular in realigning the upper cervical spine during orthospinology procedures. The Dr. now practices at University Chiropractic, which is equipped with technology designed to track down and root out clients' sources of pain—all without breaking the skin. Thermography imaging detects points of elevated heat—a surefire sign of irritation—which shows the seasoned staffers exactly where to target their treatments or warm up their room-temperature coffee.

4015 University Dr

With a wealth of experience and education supporting her, Deborah Bird uses various methods to delve into patients' subconscious minds and root out possible psychological deterrents to quitting smoking or reducing stress. Aiming to improve their overall well-being, she focuses on reducing her clients' stress and provides tips on how to lead a healthier life in addition to performing hypnotherapy. Those seeking to improve their athletic or academic performance, overcome fear, manage pain, or enhance their relationship can also turn to Deborah, who, as a yoga teacher and still life painter, is skilled in the art of creating a safe, welcoming environment for therapy.

3500 Westgate Drive Ste 504