Japanese Restaurants in Hendersonville

Half Off Asian Dinner Cuisine at Bon Thai & Sushi


$30 $15


Seafood, beef, and chicken with thai basil and curry sauces pair with delicate sushi rolls beneath abstract wall paintings and potted palms

47% Off Sushi at Sakura Bistro


$30 $16

Steak, shrimp, veggie, and other hibachi dinners are prepared in the kitchen; bento boxes and 11 specialty sushi rolls

35% Off Japanese Food at Sake Express


$20 $13


Classic Japanese sushi rolls and hibachi fare with chicken, steak, vegetables, and a wealth of seafood cooked on a flat-top grill

$7 Off Japanese Food at Sake Express

San Carlos

$20 $13


Sushi plus classic Japanese hibachi options, including chicken, steak, vegetables, and a wealth of seafood cooked on a flat-top grill

50% Off at Sushi @ the Lake


$40 $20


While noshing on specialty maki rolls or hibachi dinners, patrons watch sports on one of seven TVs or sit at a sushi bar to observe chefs

$30 for Sushi and Japanese Food at Red Ginger


$40 $30


Japanese steakhouse with classic hibachi entrees, like filet mignon, and specialty sushi, with ingredients such as BBQ eel

Half Off Sushi and Japanese Food at Koko Japanese Grill


$20 $10


Sizzling grilled chicken cutlets, seafood, and steak roll out of open kitchen; sushi chefs fashion specialty maki rolls

Up to 75% Off at Kyjo's Japanese, Thai and Sushi Bar


$23 $13

Chicken and steak sizzle on hibachis as chefs roll sushi and mix multicolored curries with meat and bamboo strips

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At Sogo Fusion, monkey rolls come arranged in tidy rows across a square plate, piled high with mounds of tempura seafood that lend the rolls the appearance of squat, tiny huts. The monkey roll is just one of dozens of artfully arranged platters. Chefs strive to match their creative presentations with equally inspired ingredients: tempura-battered seafood stars in many of the rolls, a crisp and savory batter complementing the bright flavors of mango and kiwi. In addition to sushi, they grill up Japanese hibachi entrees and simmer spicy Thai curries, which ensure that chopsticks stay too busy to assist with diners’ walrus impressions.

1840 Hendersonville Rd

The multitalented chefs at Sakura Japanese Steakhouse emphasize quality ingredients and artful presentation in each and every dish. The traditional Japanese dining room features a central hibachi grill that sears vegetables, steak, and seafood in an inferno of sizzling oils and bright yellow flames. Sakura’s more coolheaded sushi chefs swirl hand and specialty rolls—crafted from shrimp tempura, softshell crab, and salmon—behind chilled cases of fresh fish. Indecisive diners can request omakase meals, assortments of seasonal dishes handpicked by the chef to showcase culinary skill and an ability to match meals to wallpaper swatches.

2537 N Pleasantburg Dr., Suite D

• For $17, you get $35 worth of Japanese fare and sushi during dinner. • For $8, you get $16 worth of Japanese fare and sushi during lunch. Irashiai's chefs parade an extensive menu of handmade sashimi, nigiri, and maki before diners in the restaurant's new location. Black-caviar sashimi ($3.50 for lunch, $3.75 for dinner) admits diners into elegance like a butler's secret handshake, and nigiri aficionados can sample sticky rice topped with such offerings as fried oyster ($2.00) or shrimp ($1.50). The island roll with panko fried tuna, citrus tobiko, and ponzu sauce ($6.95) tickles taste buds with tropical flavors without committing the faux pas of eating a lei. Yakisoba sautéed with thin egg noodles ($8.50) brims with chicken and veggies captured before they could set out on their morning swim, and a wide variety of bento boxes and lunch combos frolics beneath the restaurant's wasabi-green walls.

115 Pelham Rd

In addition to various authentic dishes, Sushi Hana rolls up more than 100 different varieties of sushi to appease seaweed-faring palettes. After memorizing the menu, sink incisors into sushi staples such as yellow-tail hamachi, California rolls, and vegetable rolls, or hunker down with Sushi Hana's signature rolls, such as the Yellow Submarine (mango, cream cheese, and avocado topped with yellow tail and pickled jalapeno slices, $9.75), the Master Roshi's Banana Boat (crab, banana, cream cheese, walnuts, tempura fried and served with Hana gravy, $7.45), or the Tokyo Tower (eel, mozzarella cheese, avocado, egg, fried w/sliced almonds and served on pesto cream sauce, $14.95). Seafood seekers not so stable on their sushi legs can opt for a Japanese grilled-fish dish, such as the Chilean sea bass ($7.95), while meat eaters can hang a fang on the curry-chicken rice bowl ($11.95).

765 Haywood Rd

Fu of Kyoto's chefs speedily serve up a delectable roster of traditional sushi rolls and Japanese entrees. Tongues can practice for the main meal by first unwrapping pork or vegetable dumplings ($3.15) and ponder why the eight-piece Rainbow roll's tuna, salmon, and cucumber ($4.39) haven't been added to the visible-color spectrum. Teriyaki-infused bites of chicken ($4.95) or eel ($6.85) caper through fried rice in one of Fu's rice bowls, and the hibachi-grilled fillet steak and jumbo shrimp ($8.99) spurn the centuries-old feud between their families by courting in a thicket of vegetables.

38 Ray E Talley Ct

At Kinkaku Japanese Steak House, the chefs show off their culinary chops by preparing sushi and hibachi in front of visitors’ eyes. At the sushi bar, they slice morsels of sashimi or roll aesthetically pleasing creations of rice and pieces of seafood that include spicy tuna, eel, and shrimp tempura. The maki rolls are held together by sheets of nori, deep-green seaweed paper tinged with salinity.

At teppanyaki tables, several diners sit around a wide flat grill and watch food transform before their eyes. In a clattering flurry of knives and spatulas, chefs prepare piles of chicken teriyaki, scallops, and steak before serving them with veggies, fried rice, and shrimp. Revelry swells as servers carry out trays of sake and imported Japanese beers and hide pamphlets about how many teddy bears get thrown into the ocean each year.

3152 Parkway
Pigeon Forge,