Salt Cave in Hillsdale

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Like an enchanted glacial tunnel, The Salt Cavern?s sparkling white walls pulse with gauzy pinks and purples, as crystalline lanterns illuminate powdery tufts of salt covering the floor. But this fairy-tale ambiance belies the cavern?s meticulously calibrated atmosphere: highly concentrated saline aerosol regularly circulates throughout the chamber in an effort to soothe health ailments such as asthma, allergies, or psoriasis. Owners William and Eva boast backgrounds in the medical industry, but grew disillusioned with chemical therapies after investigating the benefits of salt therapy, a practice that originated in Poland nearly 200 years ago. Now the duo invites clients to experience salt?s therapeutic and calming benefits in their softly lit chamber. In addition to the salt?s calming vapors, William and Eva offer deepened relaxation with yoga sessions) in the cave, and enforce a tranquil atmosphere in which clients can nap, meditate, or quietly impersonate the Morton?s Salt girl.
654 Allwood Rd.
The NY Salt Room, is Brooklyn’s first salt therapy center for adults and children who suffer from any respiratory or allergy ailment. Salt therapy, also called Halotherapy is a natural, drug free, alternative treatment for the range of respiratory disorders including asthma, allergies, bronchitis, pneumonia, the common flu
1794 Coney Island Avenue