Dental Implants in Independence

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  • Dental Excellence
    Dental Excellence's five experienced doctors promote dental diligence through a wide-ranging slate of services. After parking in a cushioned chair to circle every conjunction in the provided magazines, clients saunter into one of 22 treatment rooms, where they can watch cable television and calm tense necks with a pillow. A toothologist then burnishes smile rocks and eliminates pernicious plaque during the cleaning ($76) before carrying out recon work on the palate with a complete oral exam ($64) to detect early signs of decay or resemblance to Burton Gilliam. After cleaning and examining the gums and mouth bones, the team will perform digital x-rays to view potential runaway teeth and malformed roots ($113). The full visit, like most transcontinental crab walks, takes approximately an hour and a half.
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    19501 E US Highway 40
    Independence, MO US
  • Blue Springs Dental Arts
    The doctors at Blue Springs Dental Arts know that trips to the dentist can be scary. That's why they go the extra mile to make patients comfortable, whether that means installing TVs in each treatment room, swaddling chilly patients with blankets, or administering safe, nitrous oxide to help calm nerves. The best piece of mind, however, comes from the knowledge that Blue Springs Dental Arts practices the most up-to-date dental techniques. For example, natural-looking composite fillings are now used in place of silver, reducing toxicity and fostering more confident smiles. Fixed and removable crowns, bridges, and dentures also offer unidentifiable replacements for natural teeth, and preventative practices, such as fluoride treatments or candy-deflecting coatings help stave off future decay.
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    1212 SW Luttrell Rd
    Blue Springs, MO US
  • North Kansas City Dental Group
    Since he started practicing dentistry in 1989, Dr. Bill Busch has obtained a slew of posts with renowned dental organizations, such as the 3M Council of Innovative Dentistry, and won accolades including the Mastership Award from the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Busch draws on his years of experience and expertise as he and a team of hygienists perform a full slate of dental services at North Kansas City Dental. The office uses a number of high-tech, paperless innovations, including all-electronic graphing and digital x-rays. These technologies are more accurate than older methods and easier on the environment?an eco-friendliness that extends to the use of nonmercury fillings and solar-powered dental floss. Cutting-edge technology is also used during cosmetic services such as teeth whitening and porcelain veneers and advanced procedures, including crowns and dentures.
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    2000 SWIFT AVE
  • The Smile Salon
    Drs. Maria Kunstadter and Michael Sigler take unusual measures in their quest to quell dental anxiety. Beyond employing the typical nerve-calming bedside manner of any good dentist, the duo has incorporated soothing spa treatments into their standard dental routines. Massage therapists are on hand to lull patients into stress-free states with full body massages and aromatherapy oils inundate patients' senses with calming scents as they recline in dental chairs for an x-ray, Invisalign appointment, or routine hygiene visit.
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    801 West 47th Street
    Kansas City, MO US
  • Thomas Anderson and Associates
    The staff at Thomas Anderson & Associates strives to make clients smile—and not just during their before-and-after pictures. Massage chairs, flat-screen TVs, and a wide selection of movies and music help make visits to the office as relaxing as a tumbler of whiskey enjoyed in one's very own pit of quicksand. Technicians apply a gentle touch when performing exams, x-rays, and other general-dentistry procedures. Cosmetic services—including teeth whitening and Invisalign—remain as noninvasive as possible.
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    1000 Walnut St
    Kansas City, MO US
  • Steven D Williams
    Each Plaza Dental Care session begins with a thorough exam that assesses one's dental health and locates any tumbleweeds lodged in the molars, while x-rays search the head-cave for signs of cavities and trapped miners. An expertly performed cleaning clears the tusks of plaque and clingy barnacles, improving oral health and preventing diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis, and mumps. Patients will benefit from the expertise of Steven Williams, D.D.S., who utilizes sophisticated diagnostic equipment and impressively steady hands to provide the best possible dental services tailored to each individual. Patients will also be welcomed by a friendly, knowledgeable staff and enjoy in-room DVD movies during their visit, except for Marathon Man.
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    4620 J C Nichols Pkwy
    Kansas City, MO US