Acupuncture in Kingsburg

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  • Acuworld Health Clinic
    On the surface, asthma, low libido, migraines, and indigestion all seem very different. But they do share a common thread: they’re all conditions that Dr. Samuel Y. Kim treats with acupuncture. The proud owner of a PhD and a license to perform acupuncture, Dr. Kim uses his expertise during sessions of eight-bodily-constitution acupuncture. This specialized discipline emphasizes treating the root cause of an ailment as opposed to its symptoms. It also incorporates a broader way to help prevent disease, which is why Dr. Kim also offers consultations on optimizing diets to establish and maintain good health.
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    449 W D St
    Lemoore, CA US
  • Club Reduce Fresno
    Club Reduce’s staff works closely with clients to help them lose weight and improve their lifestyles. Health services range from basic medical assessments to the latest body treatments, such as cellulite-reducing wraps. Each custom weight-loss program begins with a one-on-one consultation and computerized health assessment, which can uncover barriers to well-being, including high blood pressure and spontaneous hiccups.
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    3714 S Court St.
    Visalia, CA US
  • Valley Natural Health
    Bringing a patient back to good health requires more than analyzing one part of the body?it?s about assessing all parts of their physical, mental, and spiritual health. That?s what Valley Natural Health?s doctor of naturopathic medicine, Sonal Patel, believes and takes a holistic approach to caring for patients. Here, the doctor combines alternative therapies, such as homeopathy, acupuncture, and botanical medicine, with more conventional medicine services found at traditional doctors? offices, such as pap smears, prostate exams, and vestigial-tail therapy.
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    6081 N 1st St.
    Fresno, CA US
  • Standing Waves Colon Hydrotherapy and Massage
    For the past eight years, Standing Waves has specialized in colonic hydrotherapy, supplementing it with a variety of massages, nutrition advice, classes, and products under the guidance of owner and certified therapist Elayne Whitehead. Massage enthusiasts will get to enjoy a 60-minute treatment, which can incorporate deep-tissue and relaxation techniques to pinpoint and target the body's most entrenched sleeper cells of stress and tension. The relaxing treatment may cause you to fall asleep and dream that octopi ballroom dancers are waltzing across your back.
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    5100 N 6th St
    Fresno, CA US
  • Avecinia Wellness Center
    Fresno's premier integrative medical and wellness center. We combine primary care with complementary holistic practices and partner with our patients to help them reach their optimal well-being.
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    1105 East Spruce Avenue
    Fresno, CA US
  • The Added Touch Colonics & Aroma Therapy
    The technicians at Clovis Natural Health Center know that, no matter the ailment, healing begins within. With that understanding in mind, they keep inside systems running smoothly with gentle colon-hydrotherapy treatments. During colonics, a trained hydrotherapist uses a disposable speculum to flush the lower intestines with filtered water. As the water's gentle pressure removes impacted waste and toxins lining the bowels, the contents are safely eliminated through a closed, FDA-approved water- and temperature-controlled system. To enhance the treatment, clients rest atop a far-infrared lymphatic mat to reduce inflammation and breathe in the soothing scents of aromatherapy.
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    150 Clovis Ave
    Clovis, CA US