Car Wash in Levittown

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  • Magic Touch Car Wash
    Magic Touch Car Wash has facilitated self-service car washing and express washes at the same location for more than 40 years. Open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, the self-serve bays offer hoses, buckets, and other cleaning supplies for owners to scrub down muddied rides or clean off SUV-sized toy SUVs. The express wash funnels cars through the cleaners as owners let machines do the work, with basic washes and additional services that treat cars to add-ons such as clearcoat protection, rust inhibitor, triple-foam polish, Rain-X, and wheel-and-tire cleaner.
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    6 Cinder Ln
    Levittown, PA US
  • Capitol Car Wash
    Three Yahoo! Locals give Capitol Car Was a five-star average, and three Yelpers give it an average of three stars.
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    1617 Princeton Ave
    Trenton, NJ US
  • Prospect Auto Spa
    Prospect Auto Spa helps haggard autos regain their show-room sheen with quick car washes and intensive detailing services. Their 120-foot automated washing machine whisks away dirt and grime with jets of soap and water, undercarriage washes, and applications of clear-coat protector. More meticulous cleanings are afforded by the spa’s cleaning team, who wash, hand wax, and buff vehicles by hand and with eyes for detail.
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    1463 Prospect St
    Ewing, NJ US
  • Elite Auto Detailing
    The experienced technicians at Elite Tint N Detail help vehicles achieve a factory-fresh look with auto-detailing services incorporating brand-name products such as Meguiars, Menzerna, and 3M. The mini detail uses a one-step machine-polish and hand-application of carnauba wax to combat minor blemishes and restore paint luster. Like an android-family dentist, specialists open cars' hoods to rinse, scrub, and dress engine bays, resulting in a motor-mouth worth showing off. This option, which lasts 3.5–5 hours, also includes an interior shampoo treatment, which lathers carpeted floor mats, seats, and trunks with suds to treat pesky stains resulting from an ill-advised decision to let Gumby drive the car over the summer.
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    366 Easton Road
    Warrington, PA US
  • Major Car Wash
    Equipped with foam featherweight brushes, Major Car Wash's automated tunnels swallow sullied vehicles and gently spit out shimmering chariots. Drivers at the Rahway or Princeton facilities can roll their rides through #2 washes, which renovate peaked paint jobs with sudsy sprays, underbody treatments, Armor All polish, and clear-coat conditioner. A precise wheel cleaning and rim blaster frees circular hooves of road-sourced grime, giving tires the confidence to face snarled commutes or their fears of becoming a spare. The South Brunswick location's Gold protection wash supplements car cleansings with an Armor All–enhanced dual polish and a Rain-X protection package engineered to repel precipitation including rain, snow, and eagles' tears.
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    1011 State Road
    Princeton, NJ US
  • East Gate Car Wash and Lube Center
    Cars roll away from the checkered exterior of East Gate Car Wash & Lube Center renewed by the shop’s wash, detailing, and maintenance services. Washes rinse away recently acquired roadway gunk with paint-safe soaps, while applications of sealant and rust protector guard cars from long-term damage. To restore vehicles' health without feeding them an apple every day, technicians swap old oil for new in the facility’s garage, the same place they perform routine maintenance on tires, tweak engines systems, and regulate fluids. An onsite lounge placates waiting patrons with cups of complimentary coffee and a convenience store stocked with snacks, drinks, cards, and car products.
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    586 Route 38 E
    Maple Shade, NJ US