Dental in Long Island City

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  • Preferred Dental Spa
    At Preferred Dental Spa, tooth whisperers apply a specialty Zoom! gel onto chompers, which then bathe in focused, intense light in three 15-minute cycles. The 45-minute service causes minimal discomfort, if any, and brightens teeth up to eight shades more efficiently than holding a flashlight between teeth. Zoom! reports that with careful upkeep, results can last for years.
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    8411 Northern Blvd
    Jackson Heights, New York US
  • Advanced Dentistry of New York
    One thousand dental implants. No, he didn't work on the world's largest mouth, but Dr. Frantz Backer has worked on a lot of regular-size ones since 1999, instilling his patients with confidence and a sense of ease during all treatments. He keeps those mouths healthy with dental services that treat everyone from children to adults. His extra-gentle root canals, Invisalign plastic braces, and cosmetic treatments such as whitening and bonding, underscore Dr. Backer's expertise and experience. Along with his own continued education, he keeps up with modern dental technology, performing gum surgery with the drill-less WaterLase laser, which is not a super soaker that shoots red light beams. Dr. Backer's passion for helping people doesn't stop with his ordinary clients; he also treats low-income residents and 9/11 rescue workers. He also doesn't underestimate the value of a warm atmosphere?Advanced Dentistry of New York's office treatment rooms feature blue walls, and the waiting area even has an exposed brick fireplace.
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    37-21 75th Street, First Floor
    Jackson Heights, NY US
  • Prime Smiles Dental P.C.
    At Flushing Dental, the doctors and staff strive to provide all of their clients with friendly, professional service?even if just hearing the phrase "Open up" makes them nervous. That's why they offer services such as sedation dentistry, which allows patients to get through their appointment without anxiety, and stock many of their rooms with televisions and massaging chairs. General dentistry appointments are just as conscientious, as Dr. Daniel D. Kim and his staff carefully examine the teeth, take x-rays, and perform thorough cleanings before going the extra mile to screen for oral cancer. Orthodontic expert Dr. Jeffrey Kim works with teeth in need of corrective care such as fixed, removable, or even retainer-style braces. Once teeth are tended to, visitors can further enhance their smiles by opting for Botox or dermal filler injections to erase wrinkles.
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    29-35 149th Street
    Flushing, NY US
  • Astoria Cleaners
    At Astoria Family Orthodontics, Doctor Robert J. Lopatkin examines clients’ mouths and corrects alignment issues with conventional braces, Invisalign treatments, and orthodontic surgeries. Boasting extensive experience in the field of dentistry and orthodontics, including attaining his DDS from SUNY and being named a member of the American Dental Association, Dr. Lopatkin has acted as a Diplomate on the American Board of Orthodontics since 1988, the year when the first retainer was sent into space. Within his practice, the doctor treats both adults and children with comprehensive services including examinations, x-rays, and active orthodontic therapies, including the application and regular adjustment of corrective apparatuses.
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    23-17 31st Street
    New York, NY US
  • Advanced Dental Concepts
    To Dr. Brad Hantverk, one of the most important things a dental practice can offer its patients is single-visit dentistry. So Dr. Hantverk uses the E4D Dentist system to quickly take a laser scan of the mouth and make an impression of the smile. Unlike traditional impression-taking techniques, this one doesn't require patients to hold uncomfortable or messy materials in their mouth. Once the impression has been taken, patients watch while the E4D Dentist system designs a custom veneer, crown, or filling tailored to their mouth. The approved design is then transferred to the in-office milling unit for fabrication. The final product is installed in the patient's mouth shortly after that.
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    2806 Steinway St
    Astoria, NY US
  • BrightRay Dental
    Dr. Ray wants to ensure all his patients have a smile they're proud of. Among his techniques are full-mouth rehabilitation procedures like root canals, extractions, and dental implants. But he also crafts custom porcelain veneers to cover chipped teeth and fits patients for Invisalign tooth straightening. If tooth discoloration is an issue, his team can bring back their gleam with an in-office Iveri whitening treatment that scrubs away stains and any barnacles you've picked up since your last check-up, leaving teeth 2?8 shades whiter in 20 minutes. And unlike other whitening methods, it can be safely applied on crowns or veneers, and results in little to no sensitivity.
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    139-17 Franklin Ave.
    Flushing, NY US