Reflexology in Long Island City

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  • Queens Acupuncture
    Welcoming all the weary, achy, and waterlogged with an equally warm, professional presence, licensed acupuncturist Samina Quraishi takes a gentle approach to her treatments. During a quick but thorough consultation, she'll ask you about all your maladies, imbalances, and Pokemon allergies; listen carefully to your desires and needs; and provide a treatment that best suits your corpus and overall emotional well-being. Then, in a one-hour session at the clean and comfortable facility, she'll begin her healing process, putting horizontal soul sacks at ease with her calm, conversational manner.
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    37-49 91st Street
    Jackson Heights, NY US
  • Spa Castle
    At Spa Castle, visitors embark on a choose-your-own-relaxation adventure within a 100,000-square-foot bathhouse and wellness center inspired by the tradition of Korean jimjilbangs. The primary destination is Sauna Valley, a labyrinth of eight different rooms designed to rehabilitate the body in various ways. Among the therapeutic chambers: the Gold Room, built from bricks coated in real gold, exposure to which is said to increase energy and soothe sore limbs; Ice Land, where short-term exposure to freezing temperatures boosts the body's anti-oxidant properties; and a room filled with Himalayan salt, whose natural antibacterial agents can help soften skin and relieve allergies and asthma. At the top of the five-story castle, a rooftop deck hosts five spa pools. Underwater jets massage the body in the Aqua Bar, where staff serve smoothies and virgin cocktails. Perfumed by 300-year-old pinewood, skin-softening mineral water fills the Hinoki bath. Wherever guests decide to relax throughout the spa, vents constantly pump in oxygen-rich air, a benefit that helps keeps minds clear and negates the need to plant any trees in the floorboards.
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    131-10 11th Avenue
    College Point, NY US
  • Carl Clarke Aesthetiques
    Located in Astoria, Queens, Carl Clarke Aesthetiques is a cosmetic medical center that specializes in cosmetic facial procedures and body contouring?non-surgical skin-renewing treatments and spa treatments that are designed to rejuvenate and relax clients. Cosmetic medical specialist Carl Clarke, RPA-c heads up this soothing beauty spot, where his team of medical professionals provide dermal fillers, such as Radiesse and Restylane Perlane, as well as vein therapy, laser treatments, and chemical peels. Clients can come in for a round of collagen induction therapy, which helps the skin take on a more youthful glow, or have a series of Botox/Dysport injections, which reduce the fine lines and wrinkles that come with aging or sleeping on your face all night. The spa also offers bioslimming treatments and a host of radio frequency modalities to treat the entire body.
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    32-12 Broadway, 2nd Fl.
    Astoria, NY US
  • Rizos spa
    Owner Alta Garcia Fernandez, an internationally trained beautifier, helms a team of hairstylists, aestheticians, nail technicians, and massage therapists at Rizos Spa. Spa services, which include facials, sauna sessions, and detox treatments, simultaneously relax and beautify their recipients. The salon space at Rizos houses stylists who make hair look so good that clients completely forget why they ever walked around for eight months wearing foam mascot heads. In addition to a skilled team and a soothing, earth-toned atmosphere, staff members use carefully selected products that contain plant extracts, fruit acids, enzymes, and aromatherapy oils, all of which naturally contribute to the radiant calm Alta and her team seek to inspire.
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    4117 National St.
    Corona, NY US
  • Human touch spa
    Maroon-colored walls, plush treatment beds, and dim lights set the scene at Human Touch Spa. The atmosphere invites folks to kick back and let go, an easy feat with a massage therapist easing kinks and tension from the body one muscle at a time. Therapists offer Chinese, Japanese, and Thai massages that involve varying levels of pressure and stretching. They also perform foot reflexology treatments and couples massages that allow partners and friends to share a decadent massage without having to take turns being the massage table. Clients can relax with sauna sessions as well, which are a great way to get the muscles loose before a massage. Mani-pedis, facials, and acupuncture treatments round out the treatment menu.
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    41-28 Haight Street
    Flushing, NY US
  • Kings Relax Center
    Hanging from the ceiling of Kings Relax Center is a potpourri of 3D floral designs, which scatters the lighting in all directions?some of it reflects off the polished hardwood floors, some of it pokes through patterned shoji screens. But this is just the periphery; center in on the room and you?ll find rows of reclining beds, and past there, rooms with massage tables. Here, massage therapists soothe and relax tense bodies with traditional Asian bodywork. Gridlocked muscles unwind during body, face, and foot massages. Essential oils can be added to the mix, and ear candling helps dislodge built up wax, toxins, and the solidified sound waves of elevator music.
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    133-16 35th Ave 2nd Fl
    New York, NY US