Dental Implants in Manville

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  • Dental Care Hillsborough
    With more than 40 years of combined experience, practiced dentists Dr. Jeffrey Hochstein, clinical instructor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, and Dr. Paul Ahn, Dental Officer in the Armed Forces for four years, inspect pearly whites for cosmetic and medical ailments. The dentists send patients home with the LumaLite whitening pen, named one of Dentistry Today's top 100 dental products of 2011 to augment patients' grin grills. Upon entering the office, guests meet up with a personal advocate who guides them through their appointment. Next, an exam and oral-cancer screening espies signs of potential mouth maladies before a full set of digital x-rays gets beneath the surface of clients' kissers, discovering hidden cavities or baby teeth disguised as adult teeth in order to legally buy candy cigarettes. Ivories then shed plaque and bacteria during a comprehensive cleaning that scrubs at stains stemming from tobacco, coffee, and wine. After their session, patrons can further amp up their smiles' sheen with a LumaCool whitening pen. The portable twist-click pen rests comfortably on teeth, and can brighten chompers any time of day with a brush-tip applicator, eschewing trays, strips, impressions, and dishwashers strapped to headgear.
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    706 Us Highway 206
    Hillsborough, NJ US
  • Right Dental Group Central Jersey
    With hundreds of locations across the country, Right Dental Group represents a collection of oral-healthcare professionals who deliver a variety of quality dental services. The collective places an emphasis on relationship building—meaning patients can confess their most egregious toffee-apple trespasses while receiving a teeth scrubbing delivered with precision and understanding. Each of the dentists is prescreened for a consistent record of excellence and the ability to efficiently locate a cavity in a toothstack. A skilled doctor and staff will skillfully probe forgotten mouth corners, eradicating tartar and expunging plaque from bacterial lairs. The included x-rays will help uncover any oral problem areas that cannot be seen with the shamelessly naked eye. After treatment, clients will be privy to tips that explain the proper brushing and flossing techniques to ward off gum disease and tooth loss, ensuring tongue-stoppers remain firmly rooted to the rest of the skeletal system.
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    7 Washington Avenue
    Manville, NJ US
  • Dental Care Somerset
    Knowing the future sounds like a fictional superhero’s power, but the professionals at Dental Care Somerset can do it in real life—albeit only for mouths. They achieve this by using advanced-projection software that forecasts patient-specific results for dental treatments such as whitening or straightening. The high-tech dental practice also captures images of teeth with low-radiation x-rays, and uses digital charts that minimize paper waste and any desires to experiment with origami dentures. The staffers’ more than 1,000 hours of continuing education keep them abreast of new technology and industry practices. Their cutting edge expertise is evident everywhere, from their deft general cleanings and exams to more elaborate work, such as root canals and veneers. Nervous patients can relax with laughing gas if needed, and for added comfort, the waiting area hosts a children’s play area, WiFi, and complimentary coffee.
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    441 Elizabeth Ave.
    Somerset, NJ US
  • Life Family Dentistry
    Dr. Michael Leyferman and the staff at LIfe Family Dentistry want to help patients feel less anxious at their office, so they equip patients with personalized music selections, DVDs, and warm blankets to take their mind off the visit and make it as comfortable as possible. For those who still feel anxious, the dental experts can hum a lullaby or perform oral conscious sedation. After patients settle in, Dr. Leyferman uses a pen-sized intraoral camera to better see every inch of his patients? mouths. The images from the camera are then broadcast on special chair-side monitors for patients to see. He also relies on digital x-rays to unearth hidden cavities, custom-made porcelain veneers to cover misshapen teeth, and Zoom! teeth-whitening treatments to brighten teeth up to eight shades.
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    403 US Highway 202
    Flemington, NJ US
  • Raritan Valley Dental
    At Raritan Valley Dental, Dr. Thomas Chen knows that the best dentist is prevention. That’s why he takes the time during visits to educate the patient on ways to prevent plaque and decay, which can lead to gum inflammation, cavities, and tooth loss. Should these events transpire, Dr. Chen repairs enamel damage with tooth-colored resins, replaces missing teeth with dental implants, and refurbishes grins with in-office whitening treatments.
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    903 US Highway 202
    Raritan, NJ US
  • Green Brook Family Dentalcare
    Green Brook Family Dental’s staff of familial fang enthusiasts uses the Sapphire whitening system to futuristically scrub out molar stains until the patient’s mouth pearls are as spotless as the surrounding office. Once the Green Brook crew fits a tooth tray filled with bleaching gel over discolored gnashers, a desensitizing agent prevents incisors from weeping at the sight of bunnies holding hands. The Sapphire light then activates the formula, catalyzing a reaction between the hydrogen peroxide and staining compounds. Mouth bones emerge blankened by 9 to 12 shades. A rinse concludes the 60-minute procedure, clearing away remnants of enamel graffiti so that smiles can get back to illuminating film shoots.
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    933 N Washington Ave
    Green Brook, NJ US