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Nestled in Homewood, Meat and Three Cafeteria keeps American culinary traditions alive with home-cooked comfort food for customers either dining in or just passing through. Just as a dining-room table hosts different portions for all tastes, the menu features an array of country-style meats and vegetarian-friendly sides from which patrons can customize their own platters. Dishes such as beef tips, chicken and dumplings, and fried catfish join steaming servings of sautéed squash, fried okra, or yams, and desserts such as fresh pecan pie keep sweet teeth from storming out of their gums in envy.

353 Newbury St

Since 2000, Landscape Depot has transformed the landscape of Greater Boston backyard by backyard, supplying everything from fertile mulch and soil to stone pathways and fountains. Technicians help install walls, veneers, and stairs from both natural and engineered stone, and trucks haul yards of mulch straight to homes. The staff also holds regular do-it-yourself seminars, reviewing various projects so homeowners don't have to rely on the shoddy advice of garden gnomes.

350 Irving St

Signature service: Quarterly Residential Services
Established: 2013
Reservations/Appointments: Required
Staff Size: 1 person
Average Duration of Services: 1–2 hours
Brands Used: Isopthor, XCluder, Eco-Exempt, Z.P.,Temprid SC, First Strike
Pro Tip: Save a sample of the pest. Not all ants are alike, and an intact specimen helps for proper identification.

45 Boston Post Road East Unit 12

Since 2005, the licensed and insured professionals from Asphalt Engineering have kept driving surfaces sealed and safe. They help driveway and parking-lot owners to protect properties against the effects of oxidation with sealcoating and crack-sealing services, as well as full pavement-installation jobs. Prior to any asphalt-maintenance project, the team analyzes and assesses the driveway's current state to determine a course of action that will yield long-lasting results and prevent hopscotchers from breaking momma's back again. Asphalt Engineering complies with Department of Transportation and OSHA rules and regulations on every project.

1256 W Central St

Ann Marie Kelleher began dancing professionally at age 8, winning awards with her Irish dancing troupe. But with time came family and a career as a nurse, and dancing fell by the wayside in lieu of boring gym workouts. Then Ann Marie discovered Zumba. It married the best of both worlds—dance and exercise—and she immediately fell in love. Now a licensed Zumba instructor, Ann Marie and her staff help others stay in shape at Shakin N Groovin Zumba Fitness & Personal Training. Their fitness and dance classes include not only Zumba, but also cardio-kickboxing, club-dancing, and strength-training classes.

101 Independence Mall Way

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The future has arrived and it's gliding in at a comfortable 12.5 mph. Introducing the Segway, a brand new transportation device that was publicly released in 2002. Pretty soon streets, sidewalks, and sidewalk cafes will be blessed with the presence of these two-wheel wonders, forever altering human life. Picture this, you need a wide-brimmed western hat to wear to Cowboy Formal 2009: Git Yer Grind On, but your calves hurt from morning calisthenics. Hopeless? Not with a Segway.

The Segway will also revolutionize the sports world. Once football players adopt the Segway, their drastically less violent collisions will become completely unwatchable. The NBA will witness a renaissance of dunkless basketball, prompting Jud Buechler to come out of retirement and dominate the game for the next 27 years. Baseball will remain largely unchanged. Segway will even impact the medical community. Veterinary medicine will become so incredibly advanced that injured racehorses will be given a second chance to compete.

If this future sounds interesting, or the Segway sounds like something you want to become familiar with in case it turns evil in 2014, then read on to learn how Boston Gliders Segway Adventures will teach you how to use the transportation machine of the future.


Interested in doing last week's #1 Thing To Do in Boston and this week's #2 Thing To Do in Boston, according to TripAdvisor? Of course you are. Today's Groupon is a one-hour Boston Gliders Segway adventure through the city for only $30 (half off the $60 value). Boston Gliders, located at 36 Warren St. in Charlestown, is great for Bostonians looking to show off their city to out-of-towners or for long-time city dwellers in need of a fresh perspective. Boston Gliders operates approximately 8 to 10 adventures per day, with 4 to 6 people per group, so make sure to sign up to reserve a spot.

Here's a detailed breakdown of the adventure:

Leave from Faneuil Hall and head straight for the Waterfront. Spend 10-15 minutes soaking up the salty sea air and go toward Middle Park, over the Big Dig, and to the Bamboo Forest. China Town comes next, followed by the Theater District and Boston Commons. Spend some time at the Capitol Building before heading toward Beacon Hill and Washington Street (big shopping district). On your way back to Faneuil Hall, you'll stop by the Holocaust Museum. The end.


TripAdvisor reviewers are enamored with Boston Gliders, doling out a near-perfect 5.5 out of 6 owl eyes. Here's what they said:

  • "We saw more in the couple hours on the gliders than we ever would have by just trying to see the city ourselves. Anyone visiting Boston should definitely make this part of their trip!" – MissAliBaba
  • "My wife and I had a great time riding segways for the first time in Boston. The prep video can make you nervous, but the ride was fantastic. The machine becomes part of you in just a few minutes." – jwgrenning
  • "We saw more in 2 hours than we have seen in the past 20 years! The only way to get around the city and see the sights – and have a blast in the process!" – griz317
4 Shipway Pl