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The original owner of the picturesque two-story house—a daffodil-hued farmhouse with hunter-green shutters and a matching front door—invited guests into his makeshift tavern for a bowl of porridge and a nap at 12 cents a pop. More than 220 years later, the house in Bristol still entertains a revolving door of guests as The Homestead Restaurant. Inside, a brick fireplace radiates warmth across tables scattered with teriyaki-glazed steaks and alaskan king-crab legs dipped in drawn butter. The chefs also swaddle meatloaf wellington in a puff-pastry shell, and peppercorns burst sharply across sirloin with brandy and cream sauce. A dedicated gluten-free menu caters to diners with health issues or a tendency to remember the terrifying dinner-roll scene in Jaws.

A second location of The Homestead Restaurant in Merrimack is just as inviting inside with exposed wooden beams, an antlered chandelier, and a second-floor bar affording a perfect eagle’s-eye view of the tables below.

641 Daniel Webster Hwy.
New Hampshire

Peace Restaurant?s chef uses 30 different spices to create signature African dishes that burst with flavors. The crushed seeds of African mangoes and a blend of Nigerian spices join veggies to make an ogbono stew and the goat meat pepper soup leverages the peppers' heat to add depth of flavor. In other dishes, the chef might stews black-eyed peas or fry plantains to add a variety of flavors and textures. Once a month, part of the eatery transforms into a stage and guests are entertained by comedians, African dancers, and air guitarists.

679 Mast Rd.

Visitors to Whippersnappers can fill up on American-style cuisine including sandwiches, burgers, and steaks in a spacious pub setting. Every Tuesday, diners can participate in trivia at 6 p.m. and rock out to the tunes of a video DJ at 9 p.m. Five nights a week, live bands provide onstage entertainment; Thursday nights are devoted to acoustic acts.

44 Nashua Rd

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