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Arnies Restaurants keep their inspiration close. Stationed on the Washington shore for more than three decades each, the Edmonds and Mukilteo institutions overlook the Puget Sound's rolling waters like two trustworthy lighthouses. From Edmonds, a wall of windows looks out onto the Olympic Mountains. From Mukilteo, diners can peer across to Whidbey, Hat, and Camano islands. At both, sunsets color evening dinners, the sounds of storms rolling in add atmosphere to midday lunches, and ferries pulling in and casting off from the harbor bring with them endless people-watching opportunities.

Along with these panoramic views comes a rich spread of seasonal Pacific dishes. During spring's wild salmon season, the chefs create special preparations on Arnies Fresh Sheet menus. Cashew-crusted lingcod and sea scallops in a champagne cream meanwhile reach further into the waters' bounty while also demonstrating the kitchen's skill. And for those who are content to stay on land, a slow-roasted prime rib or salad mixed from local produce balances Arnies' menu.

714 2nd St.

China City's far-reaching menu spans the delectable gamut of Mandarin, Szechuan, and Hunan cuisines, from piping-hot soups to sizzling platters. Sate seafood cravings with freshly cubed ahi tuna, which mingles with shrimp chips in wasabi mayo ($8.99), or flood belly canyons with cups of hot-and-sour soup ($2.99). Carnivores can sink incisors into the mongolian beef, a sliced flank steak with green and white onions, sautéed in a sweet-spicy sauce ($10.99), or lighty dusted and deep-fried shrimp coated with a creamy sweet mayo and bedecked with honey-sesame walnuts ($14.99). Herbivores can mash molars on mushu vegetables with sliced cabbage, bamboo shoots, and wood mushrooms, sautéed and slathered in a sweet-plum sauce, then hugged by a overly friendly pancake ($9.99).

1804 Scott Rd

Equipment: TRX, Spinning, Pilates Reformers, weight machines, balls, mats

Students should bring: Bottle of water, comfortable workout clothes

Registration required: Yes

Good for beginners: Yes

Average class length: 60 minutes

Number of Staff: 5?10 people

Class location: Indoors only

Established: 2009

Guests allowed: Yes

Parking: Parking lot

Pro Tip: Have a positive attitude with a willingness to workout and try new exercises.

Q&A with Kay Peterson, Owner/Manager

Exercise is challenging, and people frequently give up on their fitness routines. How do you keep clients motivated?

We encourage them to ease into their workout routines by taking three or four classes per week, at most, to start. They should expect a little soreness, but keep coming back. If something doesn't work for them, they can let us know and we will make modifications to help them achieve their fitness goals. Also, clients should try different classes to see what works the best. And bring a friend?it can be very motivating and fun. We work on connecting with each of our clients to help them sort through their fears and their desires and to help them balance their fitness routine with the rest of their life.

Besides working out, what else can clients do to spend their time at your facility?

We don't have other things like massage or a juice bar, but we do help people create a sense of community at Quality Fitness by offering an annual potluck gathering, either during the winter holidays or at a summer picnic. We also help people get acquainted with each other to encourage a feeling of a warm family atmosphere.

What is a typical session of your program or class like for a student?

A typical session or class includes a warm-up with the instructor explaining what to expect in the class. Then we go through a period of work?such as lifting weights, going into deeper yoga stretches, intensifying the Spin ride?and then we cool down. We always look for ways to listen to our clients and keep an open dialogue with them so they feel comfortable asking questions. We also offer modifications for improving an exercise.

Is there anything else you want to add that we didn't cover?

This is a warm, friendly place, and we work hard here. We encourage folks to have fun and stay focused on their exercise at the time to get the most out of it. All our staff are highly trained and experts in their field, so our clients have learned to trust us with answers to exercise questions. We love it here, and we love to have our clients enjoy their experience here, too. One of our goals is to have each person feel better when they leave than when they arrived.

8221 44th Ave W

The Mukilteo Lodge Sports Grille combines the atmosphere of a majestic deep-woods lodge with that of a sports bar, with a flat-screen TV mounted on a tall stone fireplace and old-growth fir beams stretching throughout the spacious interior. Bartenders pull from 35 beer taps from a 65-foot bar top mounted on another beam that sits beneath shelves of rustic raw wood. As another example of the timber theme, they open hand-built solid wood doors to snag bottles from a beer cooler, or they slide glasses slide down a bar made from Ponderosa pine, which also hosts loaded potato chips and sliders. Booths host heartier meals that may include barbecue baby-back ribs, thick beef or buffalo burgers, and steaks aged for 28 days before prep—10 times the duration of William Henry Harrison’s presidency. NFL games and other sports air over 11 HD plasma TVs mounted throughout the lodge. In a more modern section of the bar, punctuated by oak barrels and neon signs, and chatter from families enjoying early evening meals.

7928 Mukilteo Speedway

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