Dental in Norfolk County

72% Off In-Office Teeth-Whitening Treatment

Polar Dental Centres

Multiple Locations

C$350 C$99

Safe, quick peroxide treatment removes stains and discolouration

Up to 82% Off at Champion Dental Hygiene

Champion Dental Hygiene

Grand River North

C$225 C$59

A dental hygienist with more than 30 years of experience cleans, strengthens, and whitens teeth in a home with a fireplace and garden vistas

Up to 77% Off Teeth Whitening

Canadian Smile Clinics


C$99 C$25

Technicians expunge stains & yellowness from smiles with 20- or 40-minute treatments using advanced whitening gel & blue LED lights

71% Off Teeth Whitening at Blazing Smile

Blazing Smile

Multiple Locations

C$130 C$38

Teeth whitening experts use a gel-activating lamp to whiten teeth up to eight shades in 40 minutes

Up to 73% Off at Unique Dental Hygiene Care

Unique Dental Hygiene Care


C$220 C$69

Hygienists clean, polish, and assess teeth; Wicked White treatments lighten stains

Up to 85% Off Regular or Emergency Dental Exam

Sunshine Dental Clinic


C$300 C$49

Dentists check for oral health and keep radiation at bay with digital X-rays

83% Off a Three-Pack of Professional Teeth-Whitening Pens



$117 $19.99

Convenient, portable pen's professional-grade gel erases unsightly stains; redeemable in store or online

79% Off At-Home Teeth Whitening

White Smile Central


$116.95 $25

Professional-grade bleaching gel and LED light erase unsightly stains; remineralizing gel strengthens enamel and reduces sensitivity

83% Off Premium Home Teeth-Whitening Kit



$175 $29

Home teeth-whitening kits include trays and free whitening gel refills for life; can whiten teeth up to 12 shades in one to two weeks

87% Off from Pro Smile Teeth Whitening

Pro Smile Teeth Whitening

Buffalo - Niagara

$199 $25

Custom-molded trays, all-natural whitening gel, and LED light work together to fight stains during 30–60-minute sessions

Up to 92% Off at Stellar Dental Care

Stellar Dental Care

Multiple Locations

$250 $19

Experienced dentists examine, clean, and x-ray teeth; whitening lifts stains and brightens teeth up to eight shades

Up to 73% Off Teeth-Whitening Treatment or Exam

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile

C$219 C$59

Dental hygienist brightens smiles with LED light and 16% peroxide gel & protects enamel with fluoride; dental hygiene check assesses health

Up to 85% Off LED Teeth Whitening

NuLife Laser & Wellness Clinic

Downtown Toronto

C$299 C$49

Smiles whiten between two and eight shades during this 20-minute treatment

85% Off Teeth Whitening at Smile White

Smile White


C$260 C$39

Clients watch TV, read magazines, or listen to music as FDA-approved whitening gel diminishes stains from coffee, wine, and nicotine

Up to 82% Off Teeth Whitening

Gaia White Smile

Little Italy

C$100 C$22

Dental professionals brighten smiles with 20-minute whitening gel applications without damaging enamel

Up to 81% Off at Mint Laser Clinic & Skin Care

Mint Laser Clinic & Skin Care

Liberty Village

C$149 C$29

LED light can render teeth a guaranteed 2–8 shades whiter by targeting stains such as coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco

Up to 84% Off Teeth Whitening at New Image

New Image


$225 $49

FDA-cleared BriteWhite system safely, quickly, and effectively whitens teeth

71% Off Teeth Whitening at Dental-X Smile Centres

Dental-X Smile Centres


C$375 C$109

In-office whitening treatment lifts stains for brighter smiles

Up to 81% Off Teeth Whitening or Cleaning

Body & Soul Clinic


C$149 C$29

Whitening coaxes out stains from coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco in 20 minutes and dental cleaning ensures teeth are free of hidden grime

Up to 90% Off Teeth Cleaning and Whitening

Pure Image Smile Bar


C$617 C$89

Whitening formula brightens teeth up to eight shades

Up to 80% Off Teeth Whitening

Ocean Breeze Spa


C$199 C$39

LED light removes surface stains from teeth to leave smiles gleaming

Up to 83% Off Dental Cleaning or Teeth Whitening at 1101 Dental

1101 Dental


C$400 C$69

Dental hygienic cleaning protects the teeth and SpaDent treatments whiten them

85% Off Adult or Child Dental-Exam Package

American Dental Centers

Multiple Locations

$332 $49

Flossing and polishing cleanses teeth, x-rays reveal cavities, and exam helps prevent oral cancer and other diseases

87% Off Invisalign Exam Package

Aurora Family Dental


C$289 C$39

Dentist ensures candidacy for Invisalign braces; clear aligners straighten teeth

Select Local Merchants

The official dentist of the Hamilton Bulldogs, EJC Dentistry is a full-service tooth-cleanery offering medical and cosmetic dental services for grimy gum stones. Their custom take-home teeth-whitening kit conveniently whitens yellowed chops without time-consuming micro-sponge baths. During the first appointment, hygienists will make clear plastic impressions and moulds of the upper and lower teeth so trays are an exact, and flattering, fit. Once the toothy sculptures are born (usually about a week later), patients return to the office to receive the whitening solution and instructions for how to apply the de-shading serum. Most patients are usually asked to wear the trays for one hour, once a day for 14 days, but recommendations are individualized based on tooth colour and the number of plaque-eating mouth fowl nesting in your molars.

118 Stinson Street

Dawson Dental Centre's talented fang-fixers use the latest tooth-care techniques and equipment to enhance tainted tusks and mangled molars, whether it is family, cosmetic, or orthodontic dental care. After an initial assessment of the state of your smile, the dental team will make impressions of your upper and lower bite to create customized whitening trays. Used in conjunction with a brightening peroxide gel, the trays will allow customers to increase the reflectivity of their smiles in the comfort of their own homes. Results are usually seen after about one week's worth of daily treatment, revealing shiny mouthcessories free of coffee, tobacco, and Kool-Aid stains.

235 Ira Needles Blvd

Dental hygienist BJ Champion spent most of her first 30 years in the oral healthcare field taking orders from dentists. This confining arrangement marginalized her wealth of knowledge as well as her sheer enjoyment of working face-to-face with people. Today, she lives her dream of running her own dental hygiene practice out of her home. There, she works with patients on an individual basis, extending the homespun comforts of a fireplace, piles of afghans, and beverages. A glass-door vista near the chair lets patients keep tabs on the external world and the cyborgs that have taken it over.

Because BJ’s office is inside her home, you might think dental check-ups would be a quaint, ma-and-pa experience. In fact, BJ wields some of the industry’s most advanced technology. A special blue LED light works with whitening gel to safely and effectively whiten teeth in 20 minutes, and a red LED light stimulates cellular turnover in the mouth’s soft tissue, for faster recovery of gum disease and cold sores.

22 Sunrise Dr.

Discolored teeth enjoy brightness bolstering at Winning Smile, where careful technicians assist patients in a fast and safety-centred session that whitens choppers three to eight shades. Clients apply a carbamide peroxide gel to both rows of teeth, and the gel is then secured with a mouthpiece tray free of allergens such as silicone, latex, PVC, and tooth-fairy dander. The lightening liquid works together with superpowered LED light to speed up the stain-vanquishing process to approximately 20 minutes. The treatment can render red wine, coffee, and cigarettes a yellowed memory, and very few patients report tooth sensitivity or late-night incisor sobbing. Like many teeth, the whitening trays are Canadian-made, ensuring high standards of production and safety.

320 Wortley Road

The whitening wizards at MYA Pure O2 emancipate smiles from stains and other discoloration during a 30-minute treatment session. Clients can cure teeth sullied from bad habits such as smoking and bobbing for octopi by reclining into one of MYA Pure O2's comfy treatment chairs while a noninvasive LED whitening process whitens their chompers quickly and safely. The well-trained technicians at MYA Pure O2 utilize both iBrite and Beaming White LED technology to make smiles shades brighter during two 15-minute treatments. Whitening treatments at MYA Pure O2 eschew the usual mouth trays typically used in LED procedures, resulting in there being no barrier between the light and the teeth. The lack of mouth-tray obstruction increases both the LED's whitening power as well as its ability to really get to know the patient. Buyers of this Groupon can call ahead to schedule an appointment.

219 Wellington Street

Dentistry in Waterloo services the Kitchener/Waterloo area. We are a family and cosmetic general dental office which offers services such as white fillings, one-time visit crowns using CEREC 3D, invisible braces, low radiation digital x-rays, implants, root canals, regular cleanings, and ZOOM whitening to name a few.

55 Erb Street East