Vision in Rockridge

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  • Phoenix Optical
    Optical Works, Phoenix Optical, and Fine Arts Optical have manufactured frames by hand for more than 70 years, resulting in a cache of tens of thousands of contemporary styles as well as more than 3 million unused vintage frames. Artisans handcraft each pair of glasses in French or Italian factories using materials such as bamboo, buffalo and ram horn, traditional metal, and plastics to customize specs and keep up with current ocular trends. A prescription lab forges custom lenses that fit into frames, enhancing vision with polarized sunglasses, hidden bifocals, special coatings, and hard-to-fit prescriptions for nearsighted third eyes. Each store showcases around 3,000 different pairs of frames that both emulate the looks of celebrities and suit individuals’ styles.
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    5519 College Ave
    Oakland, CA US
  • Site for Sore Eyes
    Launched more than three decades ago, Site for Sore Eyes now operates in more than 35 showrooms throughout the Bay Area. Staffers at every location share their dedication when pairing customers with head-turning eyewear and contacts. The company offers a $25 warranty that secures all of its products, replacing broken frames for free and furnishing half-price replacements for glasses that are lost, stolen, or transformed into an acorn squash. In case eyes require prescription tweaks, each shop sits next door to California-licensed Sterling VisionCare doctors of optometry.
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    4171 Piedmont Ave., Suite 109
    Oakland, CA US
  • The Dark Entry
    Since The Dark Entry's original New Orleans location opened in 1999, the shop has geared its unconventional inventory toward punks, goths, and those with alternative lifestyles. Though the original location closed after Hurricane Katrina, its legacy lives on through the Berkeley shop, where visitors can stock up on death-metal band shirts, hair dyes, skateboard decks, and body jewelry. For customers aged 18 and older, the shop also has plenty of items geared toward adults, such as bedroom toys and flirtatious games.
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    2589 Telegraph Ave
    Berkeley, CA US