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  • Regis Salon Saskatoon
    Armed with current techniques for properly maintaining noggin lawns, Regis Salon’s network of stores keeps clients’ hair in order as dictated by the latest trends. Within this caravan of hair bazaars, customers’ wild manes are tamed by skillful stylists. Use your Groupon toward a shampoo, cut, and style ($31–$38) and lean back and dream of break-dancing Stay Puft Marshmallow Men as a stylist carefully cleanses hair with shampoo and conditioner and then clips it into stylish head-hedges that beautifully complement scalp-garden pathways. Afterward, the hair that’s left behind will receive a loving condition for a style that gleams and glitters like a ruby-encrusted bowling ball. During the treatment, stylists offer helpful tips and tricks to help clients care for hair at home. If a shampoo and cut isn't your cup of sports drink, put your Groupon toward the cost of another service, such as hair coloring ($60–$70), highlights ($80–$90), or a perm ($75–$85). Prices vary by location.
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    SAN RAFAEL, California US
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of The North Bay
    The mentors at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the North Bay donate their most valuable possession, their time, to continue a national tradition more than a century old. The volunteer mentors match up with a youngster from the Big Brothers Big Sisters wait list—typically an at-risk child who might come from a neglectful or abusive situation. The pair then meets in the community once a week, whether to hang out in the park, attend a sporting event, or simply chat about what’s going on in each others’ lives. For the 1,600 children currently served in Marin, Napa, Sonoma and Solano Counties, the chance to spend time with a positive adult influence can have long-lasting effects. This regular interaction can help level the playing field for children facing an uphill battle to success, allowing them to grow, giving them encouragement to stay on the path to success, and helping them avoid negative influences. The evidence is in the numbers. According to the Big Brothers Big Sisters website, Littles are 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs and 52% less likely to skip school. See how Groupon helps you discover local causes and lend a helping hand to projects big and small at the Groupon Grassroots blog.
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    1618 2nd St
    San Rafael, CA US
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind
    As with so many worthwhile endeavors, Guide Dogs for the Blind began in response to a critical need. In the spring of 1942, founders Lois Merrihew and Don Donaldson recognized that many service members were returning from World War II with visual impairments. Although select guide-dog schools existed on the East Coast, there wasn?t anything available on the West Coast. The duo decided to open a campus in San Francisco where not only would the best and brightest pups train to become guide dogs, but their owners would be welcomed and shown how to use their companions to lead a more fulfilling life. More than 70 years later, the school has graduated more than 10,000 teams of guide dogs and their human masters from its training programs. The school has also expanded considerably in terms of physical size, encompassing both an 11-acre main campus in San Rafael, California, as well as a campus in Boring, Oregon, that opened in 1995. At each location, labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, and crosses of the two breeds train from an early age under the tutelage of licensed instructors, who impart all of the necessary skills to help visually impaired owners navigate daily life.
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    350 Los Ranchitos Road
    San Rafael, CA US
  • NAPA Chamber of Commerce
    Drawing from a select cadre of Napa and Sonoma wineries tucked away from the well-trodden trails, Wine Treasure Trails challenges fermentation detectives to explore attractive landscapes and uncover little-known wine spots through a series of clever clues. Embark on a one-day quest to track down mysterious tasting sites dotted throughout the rolling hills of vineyard country. After unlocking the mystery of each locale, sleuths sip delectable vino from each vineyard's limited-run stock, allowing for leisurely discussion about vintage quality, for friendly banter with expert winemakers, and for time to uncover the mystery of whether or not Ulysses S. Grant's beard was made of live bees. Wine Treasure Trails recommends bringing a designated driver and will happily point winery perusers in the direction of a driving service.
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    1556 1st St
    Napa, CA US
  • Mike Stone Real Estate
    30% Commission rebate up to $5,000!!! 25 Years of Real Estate Expertise. Call 707-837-5559 for details.
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    6165 Lockwood Drive
    Windsor, CA US
  • Hughes Elite Fitness
    Certified personal trainer Cleveland Hughes Jr. leads up to 30 clients at a time in high-energy workouts on weekday mornings. Every 55-minute workout is different, but classes are composed of aerobics, strength training, kickboxing, gymnastics, and games. Nutritional guidance is also offered.
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    5327 Jacuzzi St.
    Richmond, CA US