Pizza in Pickering

Up to 52% Off at John's Italian Caffe

John's Italian Caffe

Downtown Toronto

C$30 C$15


Signature pesto sauce covers pasta, pizzas, and sandwiches at Italian eatery stationed inside historic building with 105-year history

Amato — 41% Off X-Large Pizza


Downtown Toronto

C$25.40 C$15


Fresh ingredients and classic toppings scattered across massive pies made according to traditional techniques

Sbarro – Up to 46% Off Pizza


Multiple Locations

C$24.98 C$13.50

Mozzarella cheese and a signature sauce made with plum tomatoes coat hand-stretched dough

Up to 45% Off at Mr. Mike's Pizza Company

Mr. Mike's Pizza Company

Scarborough Village

C$22.95 C$13

18-inch uniquely-themed extra-large pizzas such as Philly Cheese Steak, Seafood Supreme, Mexicano, and Mediterranean

Half Off Pizza, Steak, and Seafood at Avanti Grill

Avanti Grill


$25 $12.50


In addition to gourmet pizzas with creative toppings, the grill boasts steak, seafood, pasta, and other Italian entrees

Up to 43% Off Pizza at Lotamecheese



C$20.98 C$12

Each pizza is topped with lightly spiced tomato sauce, vegetables from local farmers, and a savory cheese blend

Up to 44% Off at Bruno's Pizzeria

Bruno's Pizzeria


$26.76 $15.49


Eatery offers subs such as salami and baked roast beef with mozzarella and sides like onion rings; pizza toppings include spinach and ham

Up to 47% Off Pizza at Marvin Mozzeroni's

Marvin Mozzeroni's


$15 $8

Wings slathered in a choice of eight homemade sauces pair with brick-oven pizza; sloppy plates and 12-inch hoagies round out the menu

Select Local Merchants

Comino’s concocts hand-tossed pizzas that can be accessorized with pre-designed topping trios or customized combinations. The meat lover's pie carefully replicates Lascaux cave drawings of pepperoni, bacon, and ground beef, and the veggie lover's model sounds a sturdy retort in the form of green peppers, onions, and tomatoes. Though pizza as transportation is a poor second to the magic carpet, world travel is feasible through Comino’s Hawaiian and Greek creations, and, for the return trip, a toothsome passport stamp of pepperoni, bacon, and mushrooms returns slice-sailors to Canada.

1910 Dundas St E

The chefs at Euro Panini stack a choice of chicken, sausage, meatballs, or veal atop breads to form Italian-inspired panini sandwiches, which are flanked with heaping helpings of fries. Patrons can customize their meat-and-bread sculptures by whittling them into busts of da Vinci or adding their choice of toppings such as hot and sweet peppers, onions, and mushrooms. The restaurant's staff keeps the doors open late on Friday nights, creating a beckoning lighthouse for hungry pub-crawlers or off-duty werewolves.

19 Simcoe

Although Amaro Pizza's menu boasts an extensive array of traditional finger foods, a selection of familiar and gourmet-inspired pizzas continues to dominate its pages. The cooks can toss together one of their classica pies, such as the margherita classica or the potato alla cream with rosemary and parmesan, or diners can design their own using the 64 available toppings—including smoked salmon, prosciutto, and grilled eggplant—and 19 different polyhedrons of house-made dough. To accompany meals, the kitchen also fries up spicy and savoury orders of wings and layers garlic focaccia bread with extra-virgin olive oil and fresh herbs.

962 Danforth Ave

Independently owned and operated, HomeBake takes the concept of take-and-bake pizza to the next level, featuring organic and natural ingredients. Choose from more than 40 toppings, such as fresh oregano or jalapeño sausage, to create a regular ($13.95) or large ($15.95) pizza on organic, unbleached white crust, or upgrade to a multigrain, yeast-free, or gluten-free crust. Eleven specialty HomeBake favourite pizzas—all of which start with a base of shredded mozzarella and either organic tomato sauce, organic-roasted garlic glaze, or pesto sauce—salads, and cookie pies are also available on the menu. Check HomeBake’s website for baking instructions and tips after your grand-slam gastrolith arrives safely at home base.

476 Roncesvalles Ave

A staple of the city’s culinary scene since 1965, Frank’s Pizza House has earned the affection of appetistas with a lineup of nearly 20 pizzas. The Toronto pizza ($12.50) brings together pepperoni with its mortal enemies green peppers and mushrooms to forge a tasty truce, and the vegetariana pizza ($13.95) collects broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts for herbivore happiness. Pasta dishes include ravioli ($11.95), penne pasta with roasted peppers and grilled chicken ($12.95), and gnocchi with Italian sausage ($12.95). Frank’s Pizza House also offers desserts and drinks fresh from the family dessert farm, with tiramisu and espresso providing a one-two punch of post-entree paradise.

1352 Saint Clair Ave W

As servers wend past the dimly lit exposed-brick walls of Roses New York Restaurant’s dining room, chefs’ fingers fly in the kitchen as they fuse contemporary casual cuisine with authentic Mediterranean and Persian flavours. Champions of dazzling palates with unprocessed ingredients, chefs assemble each nosh from fresh items such as eggplant, herbs, and oven-roasted beef salami. While the menu’s heart lies in traditional Mediterranean and Persian comestibles such as vegetarian ashe-reshte and the sausage-stuffed bandari sandwich, plates often arrive at tables heavy with Western standards such as burgers, pizzas, and stagecoaches between two slices of bread. An extension of the chefs’ marriage of old and new, the dining room features timeless touches such as rustic dark-wood floors juxtaposed against a modern decor of plush red booths and screened-in fireplaces that do impressions of famous infernos upon command.

6313 Yonge St
North York,