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Both equipped with years of experience in the restaurant world, Mitchell and Zachary King opened Port in 2011 to create a space for seafood dining. For their head chef, they brought in former coworker Inton Mouynivong to supply his unique flair, sprucing up the restaurant?s staple seafood and steaks and adding a sprinkling of Thai dishes. The seafood dishes draw inspiration from across the country with seafood etoufee, shrimp and grits, and mustard-seed encrusted Atlantic salmon influenced by the Deep South, Middle Atlantic states, and seaside moon colonies. A glass of red or white wine completes each entree from a wine list of more than 45 varieties from Portugal, New Zealand, Italy, and California.

1205 Coastal Hwy.
Dewey Beach,

Jake's overloads fresh rolls with juicy meats to create a delectable menu of belly-stuffing subs and steak bombs. The cheesesteak main attraction, Jake's Combo ($6.99), hogs the spotlight with a captivating mélange of cheddar, fried onions, mushrooms, sweet peppers, and sauce, all supporting a powerhouse performance by 100% rib-eye steak. Jake's steer-searers cut and season the meat on-site, age it for two days for flavor, and then cook it right along with its toppings rather than adding them afterward. Freshly sliced Idaho potato fries ($2.39 for a medium), which can also be served with cheese, chili cheese, or gravy, complete the feast with more finesse than a Norman Rockwell mom serving up a freshly baked American flag. The theory that hunger is purely psychological can also be disproven with wraps, salads, and subs such as the italian meatball ($5.99), which plasters protein orbs with provolone and a variety of seasonings.

3275 Solomons Island Rd

With plates of curried lamb and pad-thai noodles, the menu isn't the only place where fusion is found at Asian Fusion College Park—the eatery itself is one part restaurant, one part lounge, and one part banquet hall. The restaurant tempts taste buds with a mix of fast-food dishes made from Chinese, Thai, and Indian recipes, including pineapple fried rice, black-pepper calamari, and paneer cheese in a brown sauce. At Varsity Lounge, another culture is thrown into the melting pot in the form of American staples, such as wings and new york strip steaks. After devouring these bites, guests can listen to live music, belt out karaoke, giggle through a comedy show, or shoot billiards. Private events, such as weddings and preschool reunions, unfold in the ballroom, and an Indian catering menu dishes out handi goat masala and vegetable jalfraize.

8601 Baltimore Avenue
College Park,

An evening at Tokyo Japanese Steak House generally includes dinner and a show, but it?s not live music or dancing, and each group of diners gets their own performance. Guests sit down at U-shaped tables built around grills, where chefs theatrically slice, toss, and sizzle teppanyaki dishes. Guests can choose a single protein or a combination?including filet mignon and shrimp?which are seared amid plumes of steam and fire before their very eyes. More mellow meals take place at the sushi and noodle bar, where patrons look on as chefs meticulously build smoked salmon nigiri and Japanese lasagna, a baked California roll with secret sauce.

The dishes pair perfectly with their slew of Asian-inspired drinks. In addition to pouring sake and Sapporo, the bartenders mix specialty cocktails, such as the Tokyo sunrise with tequila, plum wine, and pineapple juice.

66 Canal Center Plaza

Husband–and-wife team Andy and Allison Yoa have built their own tropical paradise at Island Grill, but that doesn't mean they get to spend all day sipping mai tais. In the kitchen, you'll find Andy busy frying hand-breaded flounder, sautéing housemade crab cakes, and preparing cedar-plank salmon in a spicy orange sauce. The island theme continues in Allison's territory: the front of the house. Wooden carved fish adorn the walls and dangle from the ceiling, and the tables are covered in a tropical pineapple print.

For those who want to take a piece of the island paradise home with them, the restaurant offers full-service catering that can include servers, bartenders, and dudes who do pretty good Jacques Cousteau impressions.

100 Atlantic Ave
Ocean City,

For the past five decades, Supano’s has been luring patrons inside with a satisfying blend of music and meat. Whether by Frank Sinatra impersonators, jazz musicians, or a karaoke singer who just stubbed her toe, live tunes supplement the sounds of knives slicing into 20-ounce new york strip steaks and forks sliding into chunks of meaty lasagna. Supano's look is just as classic as its menu. Nestled in an aged brick building with a cobblestone façade, the restaurant emits an old-world vibe complete with warm lighting and photos of famous singers.

Below Supano's Steakhouse is Supano Zone. The underground sports bar fits the mold of a dream man-cave, with LED TVs that show all college games and pro-sports events. A shuffleboard table, dartboards, and a pool table welcome co-ed competition, which onlookers can cheer on while slurping down beers. The bar has long been a cherished place for hosting celebrations: after Baltimore hosted the first Grand Prix, the pro drivers lounged at Supano's and even left behind some memorabilia that is still on display.

110 Water Street