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From 3,500 feet, you can barely even see the wild horses roaming Chincoteague Island. But when you’re hang gliding alongside an instructor from Virginia Hang Gliding, it doesn’t seem to matter much. What you can see from these towering heights are awe-inspiring views of waves crashing in from both the Atlantic and the Chesapeake Bay while you feel the adrenaline rush of soaring through the air. Clients help maneuver the glider over Virginia’s scenic beaches, far above the other visitors and the hundreds of bottles containing notes about boring islands. The whole time, they rest safe in the knowledge that they’re in the capable hands of one of the experienced pros who ride along.

33 Kerr Street

Inside Stratosphere Trampoline Park, groups of daring jumpers defy the Earth's fierce gravitational grip upon grids of trampolines. Whether leaping through open jump sessions or playing games of dodgeball, visitors aerially traverse the wide arenas, rocketing off angled surfaces and diving into pits full of foam cubes. And since the planet's will cannot be fought forever, the park also contains a set of batting cages, where visitors can work towards their goal of one day sending their spherical projectiles into geosynchronous orbit.

30174 Foskey Lane

CoCo's Funhouse's colorful 7,500-square-foot interior welcomes youngsters aged 2?10 to play safely as they bounce off air-filled walls and jump on giant inflatables. Private party rooms help groups celebrate birthdays and other events with ample balloons, extra-large pizzas, popsicles, and drinks.

337 Civic Ave, Unit 500