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In Focus: Sushi Raw

  • Number of locations in San Francisco: 3
  • What they serve: sushi (of course), as well as traditional Japanese entrees
  • Roll that makes the loudest crunch: the deep-fried spicy salmon roll
  • Three things chefs might put in a bento box: beef teriyaki, chicken katsu, and avocado rolls
  • Easiest way to place a pickup order: on your computer or smartphone
  • Number of chopsticks it would take to put Rapunzel's hair in a bun: 74

4435 Mission St
San Francisco,

5214 Diamond Heights Blvd
San Francisco,

Kama Sushi: A User’s Guide

Sushi and Sashimi | Happy Hour Specials | Green-Tea Desserts | Traditional Japanese Entrees | SoMa and Noe Valley Locations

Sample Menu

  • Sashimi: chef’s choice of seven pieces
  • Entree: unagi donburi—barbecue eel over rice
  • Dessert: trio of mochi ice cream in green tea, mango, and coffee flavors
  • Drink: hot sake

When to Go: The SoMa location hosts a happy hour every day from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The Vibe: The original Noe Valley location surrounds patrons in an intimate space with two private booths and five seats at the sushi bar. The SoMa location is ideal for larger groups; it houses a sushi bar, side bar, general dining room, and a side room filled with comfy booths.

Inside Tip: The Noe Valley location offers free delivery.

Vocab Lesson
Donburi: translates to “bowl” in Japanese. The dish is prepared by simmering meat or fish in a seasoned sauce and then serving it over rice.
Sashimi: sliced raw fish or meat that, unlike sushi, is not served with rice.

If You Can’t Make it, Try This: Sample the sushi at Tataki South (1740 Church Street).

1497 Church St
San Francisco,

1497 Church Street
San Francisco,

In Focus: Saru Sushi Bar

  • Specialty: sushi handcrafted with seasonal fish from around the world and koshihikari rice seasoned with red vinegar
  • Must-try appetizer: the hamachi truffle, which SF Weekly raves is "eight perfect squares" of seared yellowtail in a "mesmerizing truffle-laced soy sauce"
  • Highlights of nigiri tasting menu: Maine sea urchin, Korean halibut, Japanese wild barracuda
  • For dipping: three types of soy sauce, including a sashimi version that's 100% wheat free
  • To drink: more than 15 sakes served in eight-ounce carafes, and a concise selection of beer and wine

3856 24th St
San Francisco,

Live Sushi Bar, Live Sushi Bistro, and Live Sushi Mission blend tradition with innovation in the rice-wrapped fish arts at all three welcoming restaurants. All three distinct locations share lunch, dinner, and drink menus, as well as experienced staff and sushi chefs who demonstrate their skills at a sushi bar outfitted with seats for dining spectators.

A Sampling of Sushi

  • Bergschneider Roll: barbecued eel and creamy avocado topped with salmon
  • Live Uni Hand Roll: sea urchin, shiso, and salmon roe with a quail egg
  • Live Scallop: served raw on a pillow of rice or tempura-fried with onions

Some Not-Sushi Options

  • Nabeyaki Ramen: savory broth brimming with tender noodles, shrimp tempura, grilled chicken, squid, and egg
  • Short Rib Teriyaki: grilled, marinated bone-in beef
  • Ankimo: steamed monkfish liver with an aromatic combination of ginger, onion, and tangy ponzu sauce

The Drinks

  • More than 25 sakes, including everything from delicate daiginjo to accessible nigori
  • Themed flights of three complementary sakes also offered
  • Three Japanese beers?Sapporo, Asahi Dry, and Kirin?wash down big meals
4808 Mission Street
San Francisco,