Chinese Restaurants in Central Seattle

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In Focus: Spring Roll House Deli

  • Specialty: Chinese and Vietnamese catering and take-out
  • What you’re bringing to the potluck: spring rolls and egg rolls
  • How they’re served: fried in-house or frozen to cook at home
  • Sampling of other dishes: fried rice; chicken wings; curry with lamb and duck
  • While you’re in the neighborhood: Since Spring Roll House Deli is take-out only, sit down for a quick bánh mì lunch at Saigon Deli on Jackson Street, just a block south.

1221 S Main St

Anchovies and Olives: A User's Guide

Seasonal Italian Seafood and Pasta | Oyster Bar | Happy Hour Specials | Robust Spirits and Wine List

Sample Menu

  • Crudo: sea-cow oyster
  • Appetizer: fried chickpeas
  • Entree: sockeye salmon with cauliflower, pistachios, currants, and smoked chili

Where to Sit: Ask for a seat near the open kitchen if you want to pick up tips from Chef Zach Chambers, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. From his humble beginnings as a dishwasher, Chef Chambers eventually went on to cook at the American Academy in Rome and Belltown’s Tavoláta before taking the Executive Chef position at Anchovies and Olives.

When to Go: The restaurant occasionally plans special events, such as the Earth Day dinner made with sustainable and locally sourced food. Or diners can sip wine and slurp oysters with their sweethearts on Valentine's Day—Anchovies and Olives was named one of the city's top Valentine's restaurants by Gayot. But you don't have to wait for a special occasion to visit A&O—Oyster Power Hour is Sunday–Thursday. On those days, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. and again from 10 p.m. until closing time, the oyster of the day is just $1, and there are drink specials as well.

Inside Tips

  • If you see geoduck on the seasonal menu, order it. According to Gayot, "Its delicate taste and slightly crunchy texture is a revelation."
  • But if that's not on the menu, look for the escolar crudo, which GQ called one of the five best dishes of the year.
  • Don't stress looking for a street spot; the first hour of parking at the nearby garage off Pine Street is free.
  • Want to buy someone a gift card, or maybe just a couple beers? A&O is featured on Gratafy, an app that lets you send gift cards or even specific menu items—from drinks to oysters—directly to the recipient’s smartphone.

Vocab Lesson
Crudo: Italian for "raw." It’s often used when referring to uncooked meat or seafood.

While You're in the Neighborhood
Before: Pamper yourself before dinner with a mani-pedi or massage at Polished Boutique Spa (1422 E Pine Street).

After: Get dessert at Old School Frozen Custard, which offers specialty frozen-custard flavors like Almond Joy or apple strudel. (1316 E Pike Street).

If You Can’t Make It, Try This: Chef Zach Chambers also heads the kitchen at sister restaurant and pizzeria Bar Cotta (1546 15th Avenue), located next door.

1550 15th Ave

Hue Ky Mi Gia made its debut in Seattle in 2009, but its roots trace all the way to Saigon, Vietnam, where the first location opened in 1959. The trans-Pacific jump hasn’t had any effect on the authenticity of the restaurant’s Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine, though. The lengthy menu covers all of the classics: chow fun, stir-fried rice, and chow mein noodles that spell out the first chapter of Pride and Prejudice. One of the most popular dishes amongst guests at the restaurant, though, is the garlic chicken wings, according to Allison Austin Scheff’s review for Seattle magazine. “These babies are crunchy, meaty, and not fatty…they’re addictive.”

1207 S Jackson St

In Focus: Malay Satay Hut

  • Specialty: Malaysian cuisine
  • Number of locations: 2
  • Must-try starter: roti canai—flatbread with curry sauce
  • Entree with the most edible serving vessel: the Buddhist Yam Pot
  • Accolades: Nancy Leson, a food critic at the Seattle Times, called it one of her favorite restaurants in the city.

212 12th Ave S

At Poco Wine Room, the influences come from near and far. More than 20 wines available by the glass represent wineries from the Pacific Northwest as well as locales such as Italy, Argentina, France, and Spain. The origins of the food are just as eclectic: the monthly rotating menu may include Albondigas—pork-and-beef meatballs in a tomato piquillo sauce—or orange-chicken skewers topped with crushed almonds, which chefs favoring local ingredients whenever possible. Even the beer list spans the globe, with brews such as Pike Place IPA and Tieton Wild Washington cider sharing billing with standbys like Red Stripe.

1408 E Pine St

Regent Bakery & Cafe's authentic Chinese flavors couldn't be contained to just one meal. The restaurant started as a bakery specializing in Chinese pastries and cakes. As its popularity grew, so too did its menu—the staff began serving beef-stew and salted-fish hot pies, roast duck, and ma-pao tofu. Regent Bakery & Cafe now sports two full locations; the newest features a full bar that mixes up a selection of adult beverages and bubble teas, served inside a restaurant whose modern decor is lit by chandeliers and neon track lighting.

1404 E Pine St

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