Japanese Restaurants in Meadowbrook

Chef's Omakase Prix Fixe Japanese Dinner for Two at I Love Sushi on Lake Union. Groupon Reservation Required.

I Love Sushi on Lake Union

South-Lake Union

Executive chef Hideaki Taneda crafts a creative and authentic Japanese dinner, including fresh seafood, sushi, and housemade mango pudding

$90 $60

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$25 for $40 Worth of Japanese Cuisine at Moshi Moshi Sushi

Moshi Moshi Sushi


Japanese cuisine such as golden garden roll with spicy tuna and tempura scallions with mango and scallops, plus nigiri and beef short ribs

$40 $25

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$30 for $50 Worth of Japanese and Hawaiian Food for Two at 'Ohana



Tropical-themed eatery with Hawaiian-style roast pork and curried stew as well as sushi rolls and sashimi

$50 $30

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Sushi for Two or Four at Wasabi Bay (Up to Half Off). Four Options Available.

Wasabi Bay

Mill Creek Plaza

Sushi selections such as shrimp tempura, eel, crab, and spicy scallop rolls

$20 $11

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$11 for $20 Worth of Sushi and Japanese Cuisine at N'Joy Sushi

N'Joy Sushi

Mill Creek

Innovative sushi rolls topped with baked scallops or wrapped in spicy jalapeños

$20 $11

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Sushi Meal with Pot Stickers and Hot Sake for Two at Sushi Spott (Up to 51% Off). Three Options Available.

Sushi Spott

Mill Creek

Miso soup and pot stickers round out meals of elaborate sushi rolls and nigiri

$20 $12

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$18 for $30 Worth of Korean Cuisine at Blue Mango Bistro

Blue Mango Bistro

Northwest Everett

Korean staples such as bibimba and bulgogi served alongside Pan-Asian dishes such as crispy chicken katsu, and Fried Pacific cod and chips

$30 $18

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$30 for $40 Worth of Japanese Izakaya Cuisine for Dinner at Miyabi Tacoma. Groupon Reservation Required.

Miyabi Tacoma


Small Japanese-tapas plates such as beef tongue stew, sushi rolls, bacon-wrapped oysters, Seattle Nabe, and yakitori

$40 $30

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Tasting Dinner for Two or Four at Brentwood Bay Resort Dining Room (Up to 49% Off). Two Menus Available.

Brentwood Bay Resort Dining Room

Brentwood Bay

Views of the ocean and Malahat Mountains inspire locally sourced, seasonal meat and fish dishes and sweets

C$88 C$49

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Select Local Merchants

Five Things to Know About Phayathai Restaurant

Tucked away in the quiet neighborhood of Maple Leaf, Phayathai Restaurant makes the journey worth your while by serving up plates of green curry, tom yum soup, and fried rice. Here are a few things to keep in mind before ordering:

  • It’s pronounced “Pie-ya-tie.”
  • The spring rolls are the size of burritos. Phayathai’s Roll Ro Jang are over-sized veggie spring rolls, perfect for sharing and dipping in plum sauce.
  • Roti isn’t just for mopping up extra curry sauce. Drizzled with sweetened condensed milk and topped with whipped cream and a cherry, it makes for a tasty dessert, too.
  • It’s a little hard to find. You’ll have to make your way under an apartment building and its parking lot to find the restaurant, but it’s worth the trek—warm decor with pendant lighting and wood accents awaits.
  • The Green Bean Wok is a favorite among diners. Cooks saute green beans in a secret spicy sauce made from a family recipe.

8917 Lake City Way NE

The chefs at Sumo Sushi create specialty sushi rolls and teriyaki meals for lunch and dinner. They serve guests fresh nigiri and sashimi such as salmon, eel, and squid. Beer, sake, and wine can help wash down any number of sushi rolls, such as the Hawaii, with bluefin tuna over a California roll, or shrimp tempura with crabmeat and avocado.

12716 Lake City Way NE

Setsuna Japanese Restaurant: A User’s Guide
Authentic Japanese Food | Izakaya-Style Small Plates | Karaoke | Happy Hour

Sample Menu

  • Small plate: karaage—fried, boneless chicken thighs flavored with a special secret sauce
  • Entree: udon noodle soup with shrimp and vegetable tempura on the side
  • Dessert: coffee jelly, a traditional Japanese gelatin made from cooled coffee

When to Go

  • Any day except Monday, when the restaurant is closed.
  • Between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. if you want to sit in the dining room, otherwise you’ll have to move to the bar, which serves dinner and drinks until midnight Sunday and Tuesday–Thursday and until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

What to Drink: Setsuna serves a variety of beer, wine, and liquor imported directly from Japan to help make the experience as authentic as possible. Sample some sweet plum wine, grab a bottle of Sapporo lager, or sip on some 12-year Hakushu whiskey.

Inside Tips

  • Stop by on the weekends for a chance to take the stage during karaoke.
  • If you missed the one-hour happy hour at 5 p.m., don’t fret—there’s another one that runs 9–11 p.m.

Vocab Lesson
Izakaya: a Japanese style of dining where dishes are ordered and brought to the table in a consistent, casual fashion designed to encourage sharing.
Hamachi: young yellowtail, popular in sushi.

If You Can't Make It, Try This: I Love Bento (7500 35th Avenue NE) serves up Japanese cuisine such as chicken teriyaki and tuna rolls in an unpretentious setting.

11204 Roosevelt Way NE

When a guest walks into Blue C Sushi, a staff member greets them with a cheerful “Irasshaimase!”—a traditional Japanese salutation that translates literally as “welcome to our store.” That warm welcome isn't the only surprise in store for guests though: a parade of vibrantly colored plates inspired by modern Tokyo subway lines moves past on a modern conveyer belt, dazzling eyes with their delicious and equally colorful contents. Dishes such as cucumber and seaweed salads, or the namesake Blue C sushi roll (with spicy crab, scallions, sliced tuna, tobiko, and shiso) await to be selected directly from the display, and each plate's color corresponds directly to the dish's price and the mood of the chef who prepared it. In this way, guests can build a completely custom meal around any budget, starting with raw or cooked sushi, all the way down to desserts, such as mochi. Of course, the friendly staff members are always on hand to help answer questions about each dish as it ambles past, and to refresh dishes regularly.

4601 26th Ave NE

U:Don Fresh Japanese Noodle Station: A User’s Guide

Fresh Handmade Noodles | Soups and Sauces from Scratch | Sanuki-Style Udon

Sample Menu

  • Noodles: sauce udon, hot or chilled and lightly dressed in dashi-shoyu sauce
  • Side: chicken karaage
  • Dessert: flan


  • “One reason for the hype is the perfectly firm and chewy homemade udon.” — Seattle Weekly
  • “The curry udon has a savory, earthy kick. But you can’t go wrong with any of the udon dishes, especially those in broth.” — The Stranger
  • “On a warm day, try the zaru udon, the thick noodles with soy dipping sauce, ginger and scallions.” — Seattle Magazine

Inside Tips

  • Food is ordered cafeteria-style, so you’ll step up to the counter, choose your noodles and the accoutrements that go with it—such as the tempura flakes that add crunch to each bowl.
  • While you’re waiting in line, watch as fresh noodles are made in the open kitchen.

Vocab Lesson
Dashi: a fish stock or broth used in Japanese cuisine that’s typically made with dried kelp and bonito flakes.
Karaage: a Japanese technique in which chicken (or meat or fish) is marinated in soy sauce, garlic, and ginger, coated in flour or starch, then deep-fried.

While You’re in the Neighborhood
Before: Catch an indie flick at Grand Illusion Cinema (1405 NE 50th Street).

After: Walk off your meal and learn about dinosaurs at the same time with a visit to the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture (17th Avenue NE and NE 45th Street).

4515 University Way NE

Ramen is an important dish in Japan—the country boasts more than 40,000 ramen shops. And each region boasts its own unique style of the soupy noodles, which makes for more than two dozen regional varieties. The owners of Samurai Noodle took their cue from their Japanese counterparts, packing their menu with 12 types of ramen, including the less soupy dipping ramen. A range of broth options—including miso chicken, chili green onion, and tomato—cradle helpings of noodles, be they thick egg noodles or thin wheat noodles. The chefs take customization one step further, letting customers specify their preferred noodle firmness. Additional toppings for the soup creations include chili sauce, black mushrooms, and eggs.

4138 University Way NE