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Borriello Brothers Pizza didn't just copy New York-style pizza?they imported it. Owned by New York natives, the pizza joint pays tribute to the city's staple, craftting their pizzas with attention to detail. Their sauce comes from California tomatoes, they only use 100% real whole milk mozzarella cheese, and they layer their pizzas with sausage made from prime cuts of pork. The result is a pie that grew out of original New York recipes, just as the city's skyscrapers sprout from cracks in the sidewalks. In addition to traditional NY-style pizzas, they serve Sicilian crust pizzas, and feature signature pies with toppings such as Genoa salami, sliced steak, and baked ziti. The menu also incorporates calzones, pastas, and other Italian specialties.

3240 Centennial Blvd
Colorado Springs,

After spending years working for Dominos Pizza, Vince Schmuhl decided that he could do a better job of preparing and delivering quality pies to people's homes. He challenged the nationwide chain's dominance in the region by founding the first Blackjack Pizza on June 29, 1983.

Although delivering oven-fresh pies within 30 minutes was still a major goal for Schmuhl, he emphasized the importance of quality ingredients using sauce made from freshly packed tomatoes as well as hand-tossed dough that never sees the inside of a freezer or cryogenic chamber. This dedication to quality and speedy service allowed Blackjack Pizza to not only survive, but also thrive over the decades. The chain now includes more than 40 stores operating in four different states.

In addition to offering seven signature pies, Blackjack Pizza also allows customers to build their own order from crust to toppings. A choice of up to four savory, tangy, and piquant sauces form the base, topped with any of the 3 available cheeses, 7 meats, and 10 freshly diced vegetables. Regardless of the toppings, Blackjack Pizza respects the potential danger of food allergies by ensuring that none of its pies ever contain traces of MSG, peanuts, or peanut oil.

4935 Centennial Blvd
Colorado Springs,

Cuisine Type: Californian Style Pizza

Established: 2006

Reservations: Optional

Handicap Accessible: Yes

Number of Tables: 1?5

Parking: Parking lot

Most popular offering: Supreme Pizza

Kid-friendly: Yes

Alcohol: None

Delivery / Take-out Available: Yes

Outdoor Seating: No

Q&A with Ron, Owner/partner

What?s the best reaction you?ve ever gotten from a customer?

We have received many thank you cards through the mail from our loyal customers. We treat our customers as friends and establish long lasting relationships with every customer that walks through the door.

Is there anything else you want to add that we didn't cover?

All our pizza are made with the finest and freshest ingredients, our dough is prepared daily in house. The crust is about 1" in thickness, but thin and thick crust are available upon order. Try our delicious calzones, 3cheeser bread and also our amazing garden salad.

D?cor can say a lot about the type of food a restaurant serves. How does your d?cor inform or reflect your culinary practice?

Our Kitchen has an open view for customers. As they wait for their order, they can watch the pizza turn from a big ball of dough into a fresh, hot, mouth watering pizza.

In your own words, how would you describe your menu?

Our Menu has vast selections of Pizza's, Toppings, Wings, Calzones, Garlic Breads, Salads, and specialty Mediterranean food.

5160 Centennial Blvd
Colorado Springs,

In 1974, Everetta Lou and Tony Frasca served their very first Panino—a rolled flatbread sandwich baked to a golden-brown color and stuffed with fresh veggies, meats, and cheese. Once word of their crunchy creation got out, diners began visiting their restaurant in droves, eager to sample the imaginative sandwich and suggest toppings of their own. Today, there are more than 30 varieties of the famous Panino, which was described as "rich and delicious" by the Coloradoan.

Behind the popularity of its signature sandwich, Paninos has expanded to locations across the country, and each restaurant is manned by a member of the Frasca family. Aside from layering housemade flatbreads with gourmet toppings such as pesto chicken and green-chile pork, Paninos' chefs also capture the essence of Italy in classics such as specialty pizzas, pasta dishes, and calzones shaped like an Armani boot. As diners wait for their meals in sunlit dining rooms furnished with cushy booths, they can sip on pints of craft beer and split orders of garlicky breadsticks.

604 N Tejon St
Colorado Springs,