Activities in Sedona

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?One of Arizona Helicopter Adventures' copters as it soars high above Sedona's red rock formations. Arizona Helicopter Adventures tours Sedona and Scottsdale. Here are just a few things you can expect to see while looking out the helicopter's windows:
####Landing Sites In addition to their standard helicopter tours, Arizona Helicopter Adventures offers packages that include other activities: dinner theater, a zip line course, or even an African wildlife park. In each case, the pilot lands right at the site of the attraction.
####Fast Facts * FAA-Certified Air Carrier * Perfect safety record since 1985 * Eurosafety-trained pilots * Pilots narrate tours through noise-canceling headphones * Arizona Helicopter Adventures shot their own movie called _Aerial Sedona: A Breathtaking Journey_, which is available in the gift shop

* Red Rock Formations
* Chapel of the Holy Cross
* Oak Creek & The Mogollon Rim

* Paradise Valley?s mansions
* Camelback Mountain & Old Town Scottsdale
* Several World Class Golf Courses

1200 Airport Rd

ParaToys Arizona’s powered-paragliding pilots spirit passengers into the sky in four-wheeled tandem paragliders. After a thorough safety briefing, student and instructor buckle into a BlackHawk LowBoy tandem quad paraglider, a two-seated aviation machine with a low center of gravity that keeps the vehicle stable. An engine, similar to that of an airboat or a tricycle fitted with an airboat engine, fills the attached parachute with air, lifting the pair of aeronauts off their feet. As guests take in panoramic views of the Arizona landscape, soaring at up to 28 miles per hour, the pilot explains flying techniques before handing off the controls. Passengers steer the aeronautical go-kart as the airborne expert offers helpful tips on how to pick up midair snacks from passing commercial airliners.

335 Jordan Road