Classes in Silverdale

Up to 52% Off Adult Sculpting Class

North Admiral

$80 $39

Included drink and sculpting activities spark conversation and creativity as guests craft clay sculptures

53% Off Flight Simulator Training at Modern Pilot


$75 $35

Learn how to fly in the heart of Ballard with a flight simulator that emphasizes thrilling scenario-based training

Build a Bumblebee Box with an Urban Beekeeper & Agricultural Expert

Mt. Baker

$50 $50

Trace the story of bees and flowers through to modernity, and make your own bumblebee box alongside an accomplished beekeeper

Learn to Bake from the Owner of Honest Biscuits

Pike Place Market

$60 $60

Art Stone has baked biscuits his entire life, and he shares his best recipes and techniques during a hands-on workshop at Pike Place Market

Up to 49% Off Glass-Blowing Workshop


$125 $65

Professional glass blowers teach pairs and individuals to craft bowls, paperweights, and flowers during daily classes

Up to 46% Off BBQ and Grilling Classes from Smokin' Pete's BBQ


$120 $65


Owners and pit-masters Julie and Eric Reinhardt fire up the smoker to share a wealth of knowledge on flame cooking and slow and low BBQ

51% Off Eight-Course Dinner at Eat Saint

Pike Place Market Kitchen in Atrium

$260 $129

Diners sample eight courses from Romania, Guatemala, Haiti, Brazil, and Mexico in an exclusive dinner

Up to 55% Off Swing-Dance Classes

Great Hall at Green Lake

$50 $25

Experienced instructors instill students with beginner or intermediate footwork skills before DJs spin vintage tunes at Monday night parties

Up to 58% Off African Dance Classes

Seven Star Women's Kung Fu

$30 $15

A lauded dancer guides students through high-energy African dance moves; classes are often accompanied by live drumming

Up to 89% Off Fitness Classes


$100 $29


Kickboxing, boot-camp, TRX, conditioning, and core classes in a friendly neighborhood gym

Up to 53% Off Kids' Art Camp or Adult Art Classes

Southeast Magnolia

$260 $140

Professional artists lead lessons in painting, drawing, and other art forms in camps designed for kids or adult classes

$6 for a Zumba Class at Belltown Dance Studio


$12 $6

Students follow simple steps set to energizing Latin music during Zumba workouts

Up to 46% Off Bollywood or Belly Dance Classes

North Beacon Hill

$85 $46

American tribal-style beginner belly dance builds posture, strength and grace; Bollywood derives steps from India-fused with hip hop

50% Off Flame-Working Class at The Boro School

International District

$150 $75

At studio owned by master glass artist Nathan "Nate Dizzle" Aweida, students spin solid glass in a torch flame to produce marbles

Up to 53% Off Metalworking Classes

Multiple Locations

$90 $45

Metalworking classes include hands-on exercises demonstrating welding basics; CNC plasma cutting classes teach the basics of the technology

Up to 55% Off Fitness Classes at Kettlebility


$779 $349


Expert instructors lead students of all fitness levels through intense and engaging kettlebell fitness and strength endurance classes

Up to 78% Off at Breathe Hot Yoga

Multiple Locations

$140 $35


Hot yoga classes enhance the flexibility and strength of all skill levels on antibacterial flooring

Up to 76% Off at Precision Fitness

Whale Tail Park

$179 $45

Trainers lead 45-minute workouts of strength-training, endurance, and conditioning exercises

75% Off at Urban Yoga Spa


$150 $38


Sweat and stretch through 60- to 90-minute sessions of hot Hatha yoga and power Vinyasa

Select Local Merchants

Northwest Curves, a fitness center designed exclusively for women, provides members with a 30-minute circuit of hydraulic resistance machines designed for an efficient cardio and strength training workout. During the training, attendees can burn up to 500 calories and work each major muscle group to work toward individual fitness goals. An experienced coach is always nearby to teach and motivate participants, and a soundtrack of fun, upbeat music cues participants to move on to the next station. Instead of fiddling with weight stacks and losing momentum, the hydraulic machines use your own body weight and fitness level to create resistance. Each machine uses push-and-pull motions to create toned, lean muscles perfect for crushing a grapefruit without looking like you can.

9000 Ridgetop Blvd NW

Each of the guitar coaches at American Guitar Academy are certified in the school’s signature teaching method. Developed over 25 years, this house-honed instruction technique incorporates scientific research to help fingers learn to shred frets up to eight times faster than alternative methods. During private half-hour lessons, instructors guide budding rock stars aged 4 years and up through the basics of strumming chords and seamlessly stitching together riffs. These comprehensive lessons on classical, electric, or acoustic guitars are offered once a week with a live instructor or online and guarantee that students will be playing their favorite music within six months of training. Students may begin lessons without owning a guitar, but are encouraged to gain access to one quickly for mastering scales and the ability to solo with their teeth.

134 North 78th Street

If anyone has earned the right to name a school after themselves, it’s Mark Takamichi Miller. The artist’s resumé leaps off the page, trumpeting such accomplishments as a 25-year teaching career at multiple universities and several solo exhibits scattered across Pacific Northwest commercial galleries, New York’s Chelsea galleries, L.A.’s Chinatown district, and his mom's refrigerator. Brian Balmert of the New York Times describes the process behind Miller's award-winning work, stating, “Miller takes a raw canvas and with impasto paint creates these half-inch-thick clotted photo-realist characters.” With all of these accolades, one might expect Miller to be inaccessible, yet his students praise him for his affable, open approach, calling him “extremely positive, friendly, optimistic, and very resourceful” as he leads them toward finding their own styles and artistic voices through painting classes.

1226 S Bailey St

Corks and Canvas Events, like a work of fine art, came about by pairing a good idea with a passion to create. The founders both came from the marketing world, where they spent their days devising campaigns and events to inspire their audiences to take action. A shared love for art and wine inspired them to bend their action-creating talents toward a new goal—hosting painting and wine events in area wineries and wine bars, allowing guests to "uncork their creativity" and promote the burgeoning Washington wine industry.

Their idea took the form of Corks and Canvas Events, where experienced artists lead guests step-by-step through the painting creation process. Guests re-create various paintings, everything from lush vineyard scenes to preening roosters, while sipping on glasses of local wines.

3719 NE 145th Street

Vassili, Salsa con Todo’s artistic director, has been performing since he was a teenager, but he was a musician and actor before he took his first salsa lesson in 2000. Since then, he has studied salsa and Afro-Cuban rumba in Columbia and Cuba. Today, along with a team of dance instructors, he shares his passion for salsa, bachata, and Argentine tango on the hand-laid dance floors of Salsa con Todo’s 1,900-square-foot studio. Salsa con Todo shares the dance floor with Kids Dance Seattle, whose instructor, Heather Bridgham, leads youngsters through creative movements and structured steps. During each class, children match their movements to the music, developing the grace and coordination they need to pillage the cookie jar unnoticed.

750 N 34th St

The Rainier Brewery Building has housed glass creations since 1878, but they weren't always considered works of art. During its life as a local brewery, the building housed case upon case of Rainier Beer, a Seattle-made brew that ruled area taverns for more than 100 years. Rainier packed up its bottles in 1999, but that wasn't the end of its building's relationship with glass creations.

The Rainier Glass Studio now occupies the ex-brewery's halls, where its busy artisans forge artistic glass sculptures such as chandeliers, paper weights, and other commissioned and seasonal work. The studio's instructors also share their know-how during art classes, teaching students as young as five how to create colorful artwork from heated glass and saving them the hassle of recreating Starry Night using nothing but stolen condiment packets.

3100 Airport Way S, Ste 8100