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As you and your dining date nestle close in Crêpe Cafe's cozy confines, you'll get to watch the crêpes get spun right in front of you. Though crêpes are traditionally a dessert, it's recommended that you start with the menu of dinner crêpes first. Whet your appetite with a bubbly-cheesed French onion soup before wrapping your reptilian tongue around entrees such as Heaven's Crêpe (Black Forest ham and swiss topped with homemade béchamel sauce and fresh asparagus, $12.95 for a regular) or the Island Girl (shrimp with fresh mango, spinach, roma tomatoes, avocado, and Swiss topped with a Caribbean lime and mushroom sauce, $15.95). Vegetarians won't have to huffily pick things out of their crêpe and then feed them to roaming restaurant dogs if they order the Westchester (avocado, swiss, caramelized onions, roma tomatoes, and spinach with sun-dried tomato coulis, $12.95 for a regular) or the house specialty, Mushroom Medley (assorted mushrooms sautéed in a white wine and garlic cream sauce wrapped in a buckwheat crêpe with gruyere cheese, $12.95).

2118 NE 65th St

Cafe Campagne: A User’s Guide

French Comfort Food | Award-Winning Fries | House-Made Charcuterie | Popular Brunch Spot | 30 Wines

Sample Menu

  • Brunch: scrambled eggs with fresh herbs and pork sausage
  • Lunch: croque monsieur
  • Dinner: crispy duck-leg confit
  • Dessert: homemade ice cream

Where to Sit: Ask for a table on the terrace, where patrons can look out on all the bustling activity of Pike Place Market.

When to Go: Try happy hour, which occurs from 4–6 p.m. Monday–Friday.

While You’re Waiting: Grab a seat at the long, wooden bar. Bartenders mix cocktails and pour 30 wines by the glass.

Inside Tips

  • Mark your calendar. Every year, the café hosts Drink Pink, a party with wine tastings and hor d'oeuvres. French accents are optional.
  • If you can’t find something on the wine list, bring your own bottle for a small corkage fee. Cafe Campagne is cool with this, as long as they don’t offer the same wine.

Press and Praise

  • The Stranger says “Cafe Campagne makes you feel like everything’s all right, especially at weekend brunch.”
  • Eater readers put the café on their list of Top 8 French Fries in Seattle.

Vocab Lesson
Croque-monsieur: originated in French cafés, this pressed sandwich is filled with ham, gruyère, and béchamel. (A fried egg turns it into a croque-madame.)
Confit: a French term used to describe food that has been cooked in oil, syrup, or—in the case of some meat—its own fat, and then preserved.

While You’re in the Neighborhood
Before: Buy a vintage poster at Old Seattle Paperworks (1514 Pike Place).
After: Catch a surprising, tongue-in-cheek production at Theater Schmeater (2125 3rd Avenue).

1600 Post Aly

The Georgian: A User’s Guide

French-Inspired Northwest Cuisine | Seasonal Ingredients | Live Jazz | Elegant Decor | Afternoon Tea Service

Sample Menu

  • First: kusshi oysters with crispy tempura and chilled tuna tartar
  • Second: dungeness crab bisque with tarragon-infused mini crab cakes
  • Third: slow-braised beef short rib with caramelized celeriac purée
  • Dessert: soufflé of the day

When to Go

  • Live jazz rings out through the stately, crystal-chandeliered dining room on Friday and Saturday evenings from 6–9 p.m.
  • After experiencing the AAA 4 Diamond–rated dinner cuisine, return for a classic afternoon tea service with finger sandwiches and housemade scones.

What to Wear: Although Frommer’s calls The Georgian “the most traditional and formal restaurant in the city,” the dress code is “smart casual,” meaning no jackets are required.

Inside Tip: Splurge on the five-course prix-fixe meal with handpicked wine pairings; it usually features fresh seafood and seasonal specialties.

Vocab Lesson
Celeriac: a root vegetable that tastes similar to celery. It’s also known as turnip-rooted celery or knob celery.
Foie gras: the fatty liver from a goose or duck that's been force-fed. The liver is then marinated in a mixture of alcohols and seasonings, and is typically baked.

411 University St

The Three Faces of Virginia Inn

Local Ingredients

While Virginia Inn started as a bar, it's now more of a bistro, serving specialty cocktails, local beers and wines, and dishes made with Pacific Northwest ingredients. Washington beef comprises burgers, Alaskan halibut fills sandwiches, and Oregon shrimp mingles with veggies. Even the ice cream is local, hailing from Snoqualmie Gourmet Ice Cream.

Artistic Traditions

Art has been an important part of Virginia Inn since opening under the current management in 1981. It claims to be one of the area's first "artbars," featuring more than 300 artists on its walls over the years. So beloved is its art tradition that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer called it one of the two best places to show art in the city in the '80s.

High Praise

The only reason Virginia Inn wasn’t considered an all-out dive bar was its historic status (it's been around in some form since 1903). That changed in 2008, however, when the space was renovated into what Seattle Met calls "a French-meets-Northwest bistro and bar that outclasses some of the best restaurants in the city." Frommer's also took notice of the menu, praising the spot for it’s “decent, inexpensive French food".

1937 1st Ave

With Chloe Bistrot, French-born chef and owner Laurent Gabriel has transformed an unassuming storefront in Laurelhurst into an elegant eatery seemingly plucked straight from Paris. Inside, cherry-red upholstery, dark chestnut walls, and polished tabletops puts guests into a Parisian state of mind even before they glimpse the menu of classic French fare. Diners can begin with escargot in garlic and parsley butter before moving onto steamed mussels in a tomato, garlic, and fresh thyme broth. An extensive wine list, meanwhile, pulls together varietals culled from across the French countryside, while authentic desserts like tarte tatin rival those found in any French bakery or left carelessly on any French windowsill.

3515 NE 45th St

Northwest Cuisine with a French Accent. We specialize in tasting menus featuring caviar, foie gras, and local seasonal ingredients. Located in the heart of the Madison Valley neighborhood of Seattle.

2808 E Madison St

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