Phone Repair in University Park

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Established: 1998

Handicap Accessible: Yes

Staff Size: 2?10 people

Parking: Parking lot

Reservations/Appointments: Optional

Most popular offering: Cell Phone Repair

Pro Tip: Make sure you back up your phone before any service

Good for Kids: Yes

Walk-ins Welcome: Yes


CPR Cell Phone Repair brings gadgets back to life with a variety of services. Its deft team repairs phones suffering from maladies such as water damage, cracked screens, and charging issues. Gamers take solace in CPR?s ability to expertly handle the popularly named ?ring of death? that can plague consoles. They also repair LCD screens for tablets and laptops. Customer can mail in their gadgets, drop them off at the store, or sit comfortably and wait while their devices are fixed.

2806 N Fitzhugh Ave

Cellular Repair's technicians provide both preventative maintenance and repairs for phone and tablet issues such as cracked screens, broken buttons, and water damage. In addition to fixing what's broken, they also stylize phones with color conversion services in a rainbow of hues. At their store, you can also arrange prepaid cell service, purchase a new or refurbished phone, and recycle old devices that won't stop shouting your lock code at strangers.

6505 West Park Boulevard

The technicians at Rescue Tronics fix both obvious and subtle problems, from cracked phone screens to buttons that won't press. They handle tablets, phones, and laptops from brands such as Apple and Samsung, keeping the most commonly needed parts on hand for quick turnaround times. Their services can address water damage, malfunctioning charging ports, and loss of data?they even try to reverse failed DIY solutions, such as replacing a dead cell phone battery with a small potato. Customers can either find a nearby store or mail in their device for repair.

424 East Main Street Ste 103

Though there's no PhD behind its name, Dr. Smart Phones is able to revive contraptions that might otherwise end up in the graveyard. The company's technicians have mastered the process of healing phones and tablets in under an hour, meaning most gadgets don't even need to be sedated. In addition to helping individual customers, Dr. Smart Phones also lends its services to schools and businesses by repairing tablets used by students and employees.

6803 Preston Rd., Ste. 138

A smartphone's tiny screen relies on the strange properties of liquid crystals. Check out Groupon's study of LCDs to learn how they create the vivid pictures in your pocket.

Liquid Crystals and LCDs: How Cell Phones Resemble Carrots

The term liquid crystal seems a contradiction, but a liquid crystal is actually neither a liquid nor a solid?it's both, stuck in a sort of chemical limbo with its molecules somewhere between the liquid and solid phases. When an electrical current passes through a liquid crystal, its molecular orientation changes, and so does the direction of light that passes through it. By sandwiching these crystals between polarized glass and manipulating the current passing through them, your phone is able to control the light they channel, resulting in the high-contrast images that appear on screen. Although our brains only see each pixel as a single dot, each consists of red, blue, and green subpixels that, when lit at various intensities, can emit more than 16 million colors.

Despite their advanced applications, liquid crystals are not a recent discovery. They were first identified in the late 19th century by a scientist studying cholesterol extracted from carrots?a natural source of liquid crystals, as are human beings and most other living things, which tend to have them in their cell membranes. Liquid crystals and LCDs were the subject of research and patent applications throughout the early 20th century?including one filed by Marconi?s Wireless Telegraph Company in 1936?and finally hit consumer electronics in the early 1970s, when they were introduced in wristwatches.

740 South Crowley Road