Sports Massage in Willow Grove

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  • Dresher Physical Therapy
    Dresher Physical Therapy employs a staff of 10 highly trained professionals to assist clients on their road to recovery and rehabilitation. A full-service physical-therapy center, Dresher offers programs that range from orthopedic care and neurologic services to spinal care, pre- and post-op conditioning, and massage and nutrition. The staff also offers specialty services such as Titleist Golf Performance instruction, running programs, and special programs steeped in the McKenzie method and Graston technique.
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    1075 Virginia Dr.
    Fort Washington, PA US
  • The Wellness Studio & Chiropractic
    Doctor of Chiropractic Scott Solomon's passion for his chiropractic practice is rooted in personal experience. When he was young, he grappled with severe migraines. After undergoing chiropractic care and noticing a great improvement, Dr. Solomon went into the field himself, graduating from Life University and earning licenses from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and the Pennsylvania Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Eventually, Dr. Solomon took up his craft at The Wellness Studio & Chiropractic, where he and his staff combine chiropractic care with massage therapy to alleviate ailments such as back pain, migraines, or fibromyalgia. Their chiropractic adjustments straighten crooked spines and improve flexibility specifically so patients can moonlight as contortionists. Massage therapists incorporate hot stones and aromatherapy into their sessions, whereas an acupuncture treatment can further relieve sore bodies.
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    1837 Norristown Road
    Ambler, PA US
  • Bucks County Wellness Centre
    Bucks County Wellness Centre's muscle manipulators and Skin Envy's throng of façade fixers combine efforts to rejuvenate weary anatomies with therapeutic services. Unlike the icy grip of an automated kneading bot, a hot-stone massage employs the warmth and pressure of smooth stones to target musculoskeletal pain and alleviate aches on targeted areas of the body. The soothing, 60-minute session also works to improve circulation, reduce swelling, and promote relaxation. During an Antioxidant Infusions facial, a trained aesthetician swaddles visages in a Institut' DERMed solution containing natural ingredients that increase product penetration and effectiveness. Aimed at maintaining skin health and lifting facial pigment, the 40-minute treatment brightens the complexion and improves clarity, leaving faces radiant enough to effectively distract advancing hordes of slow lorises.
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    352 East Butler Avenue
    Doylestown, PA US
  • Helping U Naturally Transpose Energy (H.U.N.T.E.)
    After a car accident damaged both his vehicle and his body, Derbe Hunte found relief—at least for his body—at the hands of a massage therapist. Inspired by the positive experience, he enrolled at the Cortiva Institute to learn the art of massage therapy himself. Eventually, he opened his own practice, Helping U Naturally Transpose Energy (H.U.N.T.E.). There, Derbe remedies clients' aches and pains with deep-tissue kneads and therapeutic strokes. If desired, he can also incorporate muscle therapy techniques such as isometric stretching into his treatments.
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    30 Garden Alley
    Doylestown, PA US
  • Montgomery County Rehab & Sports Therapy
    "I would never think of going anywhere else." This glowing testimonial from a client is just one of many from patients at Montgomery County Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy, PC. The reason: a top-notch staff of physical therapists that provides relief from injuries and aches with hands-on treatments. With each appointment, the therapists use their training to improve mobility and prevent re-injury?all without surgery or shouting at sore muscles to stop being so sore already.
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    170 W Germantown Pke.
    Norristown, PA US
  • Tranquil and Serene Moments
    Petrissage: A Tension-Relieving Technique Swedish massage's five basic movements yield a bounty of benefits. Find out more about the massage's kneading technique, petrissage, with Groupon?s introduction. Kneading, rolling, and squeezing?this, in a few words, is petrissage, a type of Swedish massage technique that focuses on compression and release. Working in combination with Swedish massage's five other movements, these deep-reaching motions are designed to lift soft tissue away from its underlying structures, effectively stretching muscles and other soft tissues and promoting circulation so all your blood doesn?t pile up in your elbows. Specific maneuvers include kneading with the whole hand, using the thumbs to apply pressure to thinner tissue, and rolling skin between the fingers to prevent it from adhering to the fascia (that is, sheets of connective tissue) below and causing stiffness. Massage oil or cream is often used to help these strokes glide smoothly and avoid pinching the skin. Petrissage, like Swedish massage in general, often results in increased muscle mobility, improved peristaltic, or bowel, movement when performed on the abdomen and, of course, a sense of noodly relaxation.
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    1226 N 52nd St
    Philadelphia, PA US