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La Joya Restaurant touts a combination of lunch and dinner menus bursting at the burrito-seams with gourmet Mexican cuisine. For a midday repast, tortilla-trundlers roll up dainty crêpes filled with sautéed spinach and onions, then immerse them in a pool of mild habenero-shiitake cream sauce ($8). The camarones con chorizo showcase grill-seared shrimp and chorizo draped—like a superhero duo that battles lactose intolerance—in matching capes of oaxaca cheese ($11). Dinner options include the meat-replete alambres, a choir of shrimp, sirloin, chicken, bacon, and homemade chorizo accompanied by steadfast oaxaca, rice, and beans ($22), and the chef-commended tilapia tacos, gussied up Veracruz style in creamy avocado-garlic sauce ($19).