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Camera Land's list of products and services covers all corners of the photography industry. Its stock of equipment ranges from traditional cameras and binoculars to digital recorders and printers, and it extends beyond lenses to include GPS systems and photoproducts, including albums and frames. On the services side, the staff stands ready to repair damaged equipment, digitize photos and videos, lead workshops, or even craft a customized frame to enclose customers' first scenery-induced gasp.

Camera Land’s expansive list of goods and services stems from its tradition of doing everything possible for its customers. In the shop’s early days in the 1950s, Camera Land's driving force Ed Paymer fulfilled his customers' needs, following the mantra, "The difference between them and us is us." Employees such as Sara in imaging, Neil in general photography, and Reggie in repairs continue Ed's mission of customer service by not only filling their orders and maintaining their gear, but also by answering customers’ questions and happily talking shop.

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