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Sage's lunch menu indulges your childlike culinary pleasures with grown-up versions that will make you feel wildly sophisticated even when you're feasting on the fare of five-year-olds. Five types of mac 'n' cheese, all served with a Waldorf salad, range from the indulgent (three-cheese, $9) to the unexpected (Greek 'n' cheese with feta, diced tomatoes, and kalamata olives, $10). Avocado-seafood salad starring grilled shrimp and scallops atop a bedding of baby mixed greens, red onion, and broccoli florets ($11) provides a protein-packed midday munch. You can also spike a Sage club sandwich (roast turkey, roast beef, turkey bacon, baby lettuce, tomatoes, and sharp cheddar, $10) or a Western burger (barbecue sauce, cheddar, red onions, turkey bacon, $11) with selections from the salt bar. Sage offers a variety of premium sea salts, from apricot-hued Murray River to oceanic Cyprus Flake to the tropical coconut-and-lime-flavored Bali Smoked. Choose three with your meal for $2. Sage's dinner menu features the same items with different pricing.