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Never been to the opera before? That's no problem. Cal Expo serves up great productions loved by the newly initiated and longtime admirers alike in Sacramento. Youngsters don't need to sit out a trip to this park ? it's super family-friendly and perfect for little customers and their folks. Cal Expo offers patio seating in the warmer months. Cal Expo also features live music and dancing. This park is very loud, so prepare for a wall of sound.

The park can get tied up on the weekends, so allow yourself time to wait for a table. Cal Expo's patrons can find places to park in the area. This venue is home to some of the best live music in town so head on over today and discover some new bands.

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Diana9 months ago

We go every year. It's expensive for my family. But the kids have fun, that's all that matters

Maria9 months ago

Pretty good deal.

Kassandra9 months ago

My family and I had a great time at the fair/festival. We don't typically ride very many things at the fair so we didn't mis. The food was much fun. This was my first time attending in over 10 years and O had a great time.

Cecelia9 months ago

There were issues when trying to scan at the fair.

Molly9 months ago

Very few vendors. The new bracelet system for rides in a scam (you can only buy ride bracelets from a machine that charges a "convenience" fee). Hated the new system

Alysia9 months ago

There wasn't that much stuff to do this year. Hope they have more next year.

Corrine9 months ago

It was hot!!

BunnyComputer9 months ago

Just lots if people

Jason9 months ago

We had a fun time at the fair! Plenty of food and rides to keep everyone engaged.

Candace10 months ago

Had a blast with family