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Midtown Yoga
Three Yoga Classes
Westmount, Kitchener 3.8 mi
C$60 C$22
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Massage Addict
60% off Customized Reflexology Treatment
Laurentian Hills, Kitchener 2.5 mi
C$99.99 C$39.99
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Vincent Optical
90% off Eyewear
KW Hospital, Kitchener 3.1 mi
C$200 C$19.50
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Freedom and Flesh
Single LED Teeth Whitening Treatment
City Commercial Core, Kitchener 2.1 mi
C$129 C$35
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Allergy Testing Company
800 Food and Environmental Allergy and Sensitivity Test
C$99 C$28
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Skyloft Ski Resort
Single-Day Lift Ticket (Valid 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.)
C$75 C$26
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Body Klense Health Services
61% off Colon Hydrotherapy Session
Onward Willow, Guelph 20.1 mi
C$99 C$39
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Campus Eyes
86% Off Eyewear at Campus Eyes
Downtown Waterloo 6 mi
C$200 C$29
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Health Medica
One 30-Minute Skin Tag Removal Session
Rosemount, Kitchener 3.4 mi
C$119 C$59
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Three Months of Unlimited Online Yoga
$45 $5
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Shop Groupon Up to 52% Off Stress-Relief Treatments
I've Got the Touch
One hour of reflexology with aromatherapy
Laurentian Hills, Kitchener 2.2 mi
C$85 C$44.50
48% OFF
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Golf Without Limits
Weekday Simulator Golf Package for Two: Two Hours of Golf
Eastbridge, Waterloo 9.3 mi
C$100 C$49
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ReAlign Health
One Chiropractic Adjustment Package
ReAlign, Cambridge 12.2 mi
C$160 C$27
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Eyes On King
87% off Eyewear
Uptown Waterloo 4.8 mi
C$200 C$26
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Lens Master
90% off Prescription Lenses and Frames
Cherry Hill, Kitchener 3.6 mi
C$200 C$21
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University Vision Centre
86% off Eyewear
Laurelwood, Waterloo 8.3 mi
C$200 C$28
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Romin Optical
91% off Prescription Glasses/Sunglasses
Fiddlesticks, Cambridge 16.5 mi
C$150 C$14
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Mont Ste Marie
31% off Full-Day Mountain Lift Pass
Carrefour-de-l'Hôpital District, Lac-Sainte-Marie
C$86 C$59
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The Body Sculptors
One Fat Freezing Mini Session for Double Chin
Central Frederick, Kitchener 2.2 mi
C$250 C$140
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Online Membership
Shop Groupon 93% Off Three-Stage Spinal Decompression Treatment
Canadian Decompression & Pain Center
93% off Spinal Decompression Treatment
Kitchener 3.4 mi
C$442.50 C$30
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Turtle Creek Golf
18 Holes and Cart for One with Same-Day Replay
Nassagaweya, Campbellville 35.8 mi
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Xtreme Bootcamp
10 drop in fitness classes
Mill Courtland Woodside Park, Kitchener 0.9 mi
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Queen Street Yoga
39% off Yoga Classes
City Commercial Core, Kitchener 1.9 mi
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Studio FuZion
49% off One Month of Unlimited Classes
King East, Kitchener 1 mi
C$75 C$38
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Gellen Pearl
One In-Office Teeth-Whitening Session
Galt City Centre, Cambridge 12.6 mi
C$89 C$45
5 bought
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Optical Express
$200 Value Towards Prescription Eyewear
Hespeler Village, Cambridge 15.6 mi
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Health Medica
Two-Lipo Ultrasonic Contouring Sessions for One Area
Rosemount, Kitchener 3.4 mi
C$150 C$89
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Allergy Test
One Essential Sensitivity Test for 300 Different Food and Non-Food Items (Includes Complimentary Metals Test)
$60 $29
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Vision Express
91% off Prescription Eyewear
Westminster Woods, Guelph 24.4 mi
C$350 C$30
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University Dental & Hygiene Clinic
60-Minute In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatment for One
Burrito Boyz Plaza, Waterloo 6.1 mi
C$250 C$99
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Curves and Contours
FreezeMini Fat Freezing for One Area
Waterloo 4.9 mi
C$250 C$150
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Woodside Greens Golf Club
An 18-Hole Round of Golf with Cart for Two
Shellard Lane, Simcoe
C$98 C$55
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James Skrypec Golf
One-Hour with 18 Holes on the Golf Simulator for One Person, Valid Only Monday-Friday
Pioneer Tower West, Kitchener 6.2 mi
C$50 C$31.50
37% OFF
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Laser Concept Therapy
Three Lipo Laser Treatments
Inside Escape Salon & Day Spa, Kitchener 3.8 mi
C$390 C$167
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Boundless Martial Arts
One Month of Martial Arts or Fitness Classes with Uniform
Westmount, Kitchener 3.8 mi
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