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Shop Groupon 56% Off Services at City Nails
Up to 56% off Massage, Facial, and Pedicure
City Nails
Queenston, st Catharines 8.2 mi
C$179 C$79
Shop Groupon 51% off Integrated Massage at Heavenly Hands
Up to 51% off Integrated Massages
Heavenly Hands Therapeutic Massage
Niagara 15.4 mi
$75 $36.50
Shop Groupon 46% Off 75-Minute Spa Package at Azura
Up to 46% off Spa Package
Merritton, St. Catharines 5.1 mi
C$178 C$97
Shop Groupon Up to 58% Off Permanent Hair Removal
Up to 58% off Permanent Hair Removal
Jade Electrolysis
C$78.65 C$40.50
Shop Groupon 80% Off Fat Freezing Treatment at Healing Hands Healthcare
Up to 80% off Fat Freezing Treatment Session
Healing Hands Healthcare
Tam O'Shanter - Sullivan, Toronto
C$750 C$149
Shop Groupon Up to 45% Off Massage at Mind Body And Soul Wellness
Up to 45% off 40-Minute Aroma Touch Massage
Mind Body And Soul Wellness
Orchard Park, St. Catharines 10.2 mi
C$60 C$39
Shop Groupon Up to 58% Off at Best Massage Deal
Up to 58% off 60-Minute Massage 
Best Massage Deal
Erindale, Mississauga
C$70 C$35
Shop Groupon Up to 44% Off Mani/Pedi at Medic Spa
Up to 44% off Shellac Manicure and Pedicure
Medic Spa
South Richvale, Richmond Hill
C$35 C$19.50
Shop Groupon Up to 48% Off Body Scrubs or Facials
Up to 48% off Body Scrubs or Facials
Havens MediSpa
Meadowvale, Mississauga
C$60 C$31
Shop Groupon  36% Off Brazilian Wax
Up to 36% off Brazilian Wax
Havens MediSpa
Meadowvale, Mississauga
C$45 C$29
Shop Groupon Up to 87% Off i-Lipo Body Contouring
Up to 87% off i-Lipo Body Contouring
Vaughan Laser & Anti-Aging Clinic
C$398 C$93
Shop Groupon Up to 38% Off Salt Cave Sessions at Tranquil Healing Center
Up to 38% off Salt Cave Sessions
Tranquil Healing Center
Eggertsville, Amherst 31.9 mi
170+ bought
$30 $23
Shop Groupon Up to 38% Off Mani-Pedis
Up to 38% off Mani-Pedis
Oxigen Spa & Salon
Streetsville, Mississauga
C$40 C$25
Shop Groupon Up to 70% Off Eyelash Extensions at Lash Canada
Up to 70% off Eyelash Extensions
Lash Canada
St Catharines 4.9 mi
C$150 C$45
Shop Groupon 42% Off Tanning Services
Up to 42% off Tanning Services
Zoom Tan
LaSalle, Niagara Falls 15.9 mi
$24 $15.50
Shop Groupon Up to 52% Off Tanning Services Package
Up to 52% off Tanning Package with Massage
Tanning Place and Concept Spa
C$45 C$22
Shop Groupon 41% Off Foot Reflexology at Sunny Foot Spa
Up to 41% off Foot Reflexology
Sunny Foot Spa
C$60 C$35.50
Shop Groupon 80% Off Massage and Chiropractic Package
Up to 80% off Massage and Chiropractic Package
Pickering Wellness Centre
C$206 C$40.50
Shop Groupon Up to 89% Off Nonsurgical-Facelift Packages
Up to 89% off Nonsurgical-Facelift Packages
Canadian Beauty College
Canadian Beauty College- Newmarket
C$945 C$103
Shop Groupon Up to 89% Off Laser Hair Removal at NU Med Clinic and MediSpa
Up to 89% off Laser Hair Removal
NU Med Clinic and MediSpa
Scarborough, Toronto
C$600 C$93
Shop Groupon Up to 74% Off Juice Cleanse at Cruda Cafe
Up to 74% off Juice Cleanse
Cruda Cafe
Staint Lawrence, Toronto
C$320 C$82.50
Shop Groupon 88% Off Advanced 3D Teeth-Whitening Kit and Lifetime Refills
Up to 88% off Advanced 3D Teeth Whitening Kit
Advanced Teeth Whitening USA
$149 $18.50
Shop Groupon Up to 57% Off Manicures and Pedicures
Up to 57% off Manicures and Pedicures
Nail Bar on 14th
Box Grove, Markham
C$45 C$19.50
Shop Groupon Up to 71% Off Eyelash Extensions
Up to 71% off Mink Eyelash Extensions
BeautyRex Spa & Healthcare Centre
C$198 C$68
Shop Groupon Up to 49% Off Hair Treatments at HairCraft Salon
Up to 49% off Hair Treatments
HairCraft Salon
Old Oakville
C$65 C$33.50
Shop Groupon Up to 62% Off Women's Waxing at Coral Medi Spa
Up to 62% off Women's Waxing
Coral Medi Spa
Woodland Hill, Newmarket
C$65 C$25
Shop Groupon Up to 88% Off at Heritage Way Medical Spa
Up to 88% off Microdermabrasion & Facial
Heritage Way Medical Spa
The Orchard, Burlington
C$284 C$40.50
Shop Groupon 94% Off Unlimited Laser Hair Removal
Up to 94% off Unlimited Laser Hair Removal
Vistoso Medical Spa
C$3,000 C$187
Shop Groupon Up to 83% Off Laser-Lipo Sessions at Parkland Physical Therapy
Up to 83% off Laser-Lipo Sessions
Parkland Physical Therapy
South Buffalo, Orchard Park 49.1 mi
$250 $55
Shop Groupon Up to 50% Off Mani-Pedis
Up to 50% off Mani-Pedis
221 Degrees Salon & Spa
Port Credit, Mississauga
C$60 C$30
Shop Groupon Up to 50% Off at Pailin Therapy Thai Pro Spa
Up to 50% off 60- or 90-Minute Massages
Pailin Therapy Thai Pro Spa
Located Inside Dundas 427 Medical Centre, Mississauga
C$110 C$55
Shop Groupon Up to 49% Off Swedish Massage or Reflexology at Relaxation Spa
Up to 49% off Swedish Massage or Reflexology
Relaxation Spa
Unionville, Markham
C$70 C$39
Shop Groupon Up to 49% Off Salt Cave Session at Ocean Splash
Up to 49% off Salt Cave Session
Ocean Splash
C$80 C$40.50
Shop Groupon 59% Off Reflexology and Herbal Foot Bath at Starday Spa
Up to 59% off Reflexology and Herbal Foot Bath
Starday Spa
Stonehaven-Wyndham, Newmarket
C$70 C$29
Shop Groupon Up to 31% Off Eyelash Extensions at Lash Attic
Up to 31% off Eyelash Extensions
Lash Attic
Downtown St. Catharines 8.5 mi
C$60 C$45
Shop Groupon Up to 55% Off Hairstyling at Hairology Beauty Studio
Up to 55% off Haircut with Highlights
Hairology Beauty Studio
Vellore Village, Vaughan
C$75 C$39