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Van Ness Litter Scatter Control Litter Pan

Verified Purchaser
November 17, 2018
This Cat Pan has been a Miracle. I have two 16 years old critters that just could not balance in their previous cat litter box. This Cat Pan is just amazingly perfect. The walls are High, so when they go in to do their business it's INSIDE the cat pan. No More Squirting anything outside, the high walls are perfect to prevent all those unwanted outside cleaning of poop mess! The litter stays inside the pan too. Thank You!!! Maritza P

Van Ness Extra-Giant Enclosed Sifting Cat Litter Pan

Verified Purchaser
September 3, 2018
We have a one-year-old cat then my niece moved in and she got a nine week old cat then we were fostering a little kitten and before we knew it we were using three different litter boxes. So we got this one and it is doing a great job for all three cats. It is very heavy if you put too much litter in it. The container itself is pretty sturdy.

Van Ness Covered Corner Cat Litter Pan

Verified Purchaser
June 17, 2018
Love this litter box! My one cat is very picky with litter boxes if they are too small and enclosed in but she doesn’t hesitate to use this! Also I love that it fits in the corner!

Van Ness Large Translucent Enclosed Cat Pan

Verified Purchaser
April 4, 2018
The height is great and it has a lid locking mechanism, which is very convenient. I think my cats really like it because they are not using the other litter box as much now...

Van Ness Litter Scatter Control Litter Pan

Verified Purchaser
November 4, 2018
We have three cats and they can be messy with the litter ! This pan really helps a great deal to keep the litter inside !