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Petmaker Waterproof 50" x 60" Soft Plush Pet Throw

Verified Purchaser
April 8, 2019
Great product. Super soft. We put it on the dog beds for the puppy. Saved a dog bed! Works wonderful definitely waterproof. Nice size. Wash In cold hang dry

AKC Dog Pillow and Blanket Gift Set (2-Piece)

Verified Purchaser
February 18, 2019
This set is so cute! My dog absolutely LOVES his pillow. The blanket is kinda thin but really big and soft. We would recommend this pillow and blanket set.

Soft Thick Plush Pet Throw Blanket

Verified Purchaser
January 19, 2019
The dog at home always tends to tick himself in, and I thought a new little blanket in his cage would be nice. The first night I just put it in there it was just so cute. He loves it. It’s so soft and I’d get it again.

Serta Water Resistant Pet Blanket

Devin S
Verified Purchaser
April 4, 2019
Wish it was bigger cause my sweetie moves around at night and then ends up off of it and still pees in her sleep. Then I have to do my comforter and sheets, not just this blanket

Sealy Plush Dog Bed Blanket

Verified Purchaser
January 25, 2019
My dog loves his new Sealy Dog Blanket! It’s super soft and matches nicely with his Sealy couch bed. Allen can easily maneuver his blanket to get it just how he likes it for maximum snuggling.