Groupon Day 

When Is Groupon Day? 

Groupon Day was on Friday, October 14th 2022 with exclusive deals that started Friday, October 7th. Groupon Day will be back in 2023, so subscribe to Groupon marketing emails here and don’t miss the next edition.


What Is the Groupon Day Event? 

Groupon Day is a special event where we offer many one-of-a-kind deals along with additional savings on experiences, events and services. 


Where Can I Shop Groupon Day Deals?

These one-of-a-kind deals will be available on both the Groupon app and website. Wanna get the app ahead of time? Click here to download it now. 


Will Groupon Day Deals Run Out?

Well, that depends on what you’re shopping for! Some deals will have limited quantities, but because we focus on experiences, you shouldn’t have an issue finding everything you want.


How Can I Be the First to Know About Exclusive Groupon Day Deals?

You can download the Groupon app and turn on notifications or sign up for Groupon marketing emails here. Additionally, you can sign up for texts to receive text-exclusive offers. It’s a great way to avoid missing out on these one-of-a-kind deals. (hint, hint!)  


I Purchased a Groupon Experience on Groupon Day. Now What?

First of all, here’s a *virtual high five* for the awesome deal you just scored! Second of all, redeeming a Groupon experience is really easy. Just log in to the app or website using your account credentials and click on “My Stuff.” Next, select the deal you’d like to redeem and follow the instructions from there. If you have any additional questions about the redemption process or run into any issues, please check out our full FAQ page for assistance.