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  • Healthy Smiles Dental Care
    Dr. Bagchi and her staff of trained teeth technicians transform their patients' mouths into hygienic havens using state-of-the-art dental techniques in a welcoming, family-friendly setting. Advanced Dental Group's teeth gurus will scour the patient's pie-hole in search of signs of oral distress, such as gum disease, cancer, and squatting tooth fairies. Then, digital x-rays with a low radiation output will capture glamour shots of the teeth to test for cavities or other structural damage. Finally, the patient's choppers will be scrubbed down, and plaque and grime will be banished into oral exile. The patient will also receive a whitening kit that will brighten the shade of their gnashers, returning them to pearly white status, as well as a complimentary box of tiny spit cups in order to start a sea monkey farm.
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    350 North Main Street
    Chelsea, MI US
  • University of Michigan
    This annual expectation-annihilating musical pastiche put on by the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance mashes up musical styles, forms, and mediums without the interruption of applause. Described by the Ann Arbor Observer as "a seamless chain of musical ecstasy," the Collage Concert features the school's best ensembles and individual musicians performing juxtapositions of genres and styles, meaning one could hear jazz blend into madrigals, string quartets following gamelan, and classical Beethoven after selections from Beethoven's collaboration with Billy Joel. Founded in 1880, the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance cultivates professional performers in a talent garden consistently ranked as one of the country's best.
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    825 North University Avenue
    Ann Arbor, MI US
  • Heartland Dental Care Detroit
    Once patients are comfortably ensconced in the dentist's chair the oral exam begins. The resident toothsperts will check each individual incisor, cuspid, bicuspid, and molar for chips, cracks, staining, and loitering Minnesota Twins, ensuring that enamel bones are sound for biting, and gums and soft tissues will be inspected for any signs of periodontal disease. The x-ray battery exposes the roots and inner sanctums of oral stalagmites to reveal any soft spots, problem areas, or cavities. When your mouth checks out as mammalian and your teeth are cleared for take-off, the professional teeth cleaning begins. An expert cleaning removes all the buildup and surface staining that regular brushing and flossing can't?hardened tartar, hard-to-reach plaque, and bacterial graffiti along the gum line.
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    1820 Whittaker Road
    Ypsilanti, MI US
  • Lifetime Dental Group
    For more than 15 years, Lifetime Dental Group's team of dentists has worked to keep children's and adults' teeth strong, healthy, and gleaming white. The staff performs restorative treatments that range from cavity fillings to root canals and beautify smiles with near-invisible Clear Correct braces, Zoom! teeth-whitening, and other cosmetic treatments. Throughout appointments, the dentists utilize advanced technologies including digital x-rays, which produce up to 90% less radiation and yield clearer images than traditional x-rays, and E4D technology, which allows for the creation of precisely fitted crowns in as little as one day.
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    57196 10 Mile Rd.
    South Lyon, MI US

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