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  • Fantasy flight simulators
    Equipped with a fully functioning flight-management system, full-size replica throttles, and an overhead panel rife with realistic switches and doodads, the simulator at Fantasy Flight invites guests to jet into the sky without ever leaving the ground. The trained instructors guide aspiring pilots through the experience of flying a commercial jet, which can be as simple as cruising over a favorite city or landing at one of the 24,000 airports in the simulator's database. They also tackle detail more advanced tactics, such as navigation, radio communication, and firing up the engine.
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    Burlington, ON CA
  • Golden Horseshoe Aviation
    At Golden Horseshoe Aviation (GHA), you can experience the wonder and excitement of being the pilot in command of a single or multi engine airplane, flying anywhere in the world, through any type of weather, all from the comfort and safety of the REDBIRD FMX1000 full motion flight simulator in GHA's office at Hamilton International Airport. Those looking to earn their pilot's license or just get a sense of flying a light aircraft can jump into the comfortable, realistic fully-enclosed cockpit and take to the digital skies. Once inside, the simulator's motion platform ramps up the realism by tilting and veering as the wrap-around interior screens fully immerse guests in the virtual reality of flight. Of course, there are plenty of options for those looking to experience the real deal. Flight instructors take sightseers up in one of the Cessna 172s for stunning views of the countryside and lake shore, or to provide hands-on flight training from the passenger seat.
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    Hamilton, ON CA
  • Ultimate Exotics
    Ultimate Exotics allows drivers to take the wheel of a variety of top-rated supercars during an array of driving experiences. Clients choose the car they want to drive—including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Nissan GTR, and Audi R8 V10—along with the driving experience of their choice, from 30-minute jaunts in the car of their dreams to longer experiences with multiple cars. During the five-hour HR VIP experience for instance, thrill-seekers cut a path through the terrain near Niagara Falls, periodically stopping at checkpoints to switch over to the next car in the lineup and pulling into the Keg Steakhouse for a scenic lunch overlooking Niagara Falls.
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    Stoney Creek, ON CA
  • uFly Simulator
    A pilot carefully lowers his 777 jumbo jet toward its final destination below. The runway holds steady in the center of his field of vision, the horizon teetering slightly in the distance. Very, very few humans will ever experience the real responsibility and heart-pumping thrill of this scene; it takes too many hours of training to ever get to the pilot's seat in the first place. That's where uFly Simulator Inc. comes in. Here, patrons can experience what it would be like to fly a commercial airliner without the career change. uFly's B 777-200ER replica simulator contains all of the instruments and feedback that pilots find on board a real aircraft, including a 180-degree field of vision filled with a computer-generated real-time display. What's more, while earth-bound pilots helm their ersatz flying machines, a real commercial pilot serves as co-pilot, offering guidance for smooth sky-sailing and pointing out sky police speed traps.
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    Mississauga, ON CA
  • Air Combat Zone
    Air Combat Zone maintains a group of CF-18 flight simulators that have impressed real-world fighter pilots with dead-on recreations of actual cockpit sensations. In a single visit, civilians with no aviation experience transform into ace pilots capable of flawless aircraft-carrier landings and dogfights victories over enemy planes. Designed to outdo mere video gaming or jumping off your roof, Air Combat Zone takes guests through an immersive, detailed experience using actual military terminology. Detailed training with computers accompanied by propeller noises create a realistic, high-stakes experience. Once in the simulators, sky warriors find themselves at the helm of an F/A-18 Hornet fighter. The simulator is built with exact replicas of the venerable Boeing jet's throttle, heads-up display, and instrumentation, with the action outside the plane projected onto a dizzying 8"x6" screen.
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    Mississauga, ON CA
  • Threshold Aviation
    There's a way to take the controls of a 737 without putting everybody onboard at risk. Within Threshold Aviation's Horizon 737NG simulator, aspiring pilots earn their virtual wings in a pre-flight ground briefing before taking to the air. From there the sky's the limit—pilots can fly from city to city, controlling the takeoff, landing, and everything between.
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    Mississauga, ON CA