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  • Ajrenaline Fitness
    Rush Performance: Personal Training Studio's certified trainers take positive attitudes and community support so seriously that if you complain during your trial of the Team Rush training program and bring any negativity, you won't be able to join Team Rush. And that would mean not torching hundreds of calories and toning up during strength, cardio, and sports conditioning sessions and high-intensity interval circuits. Even the personal training requires supporting your fellow exercisers as it usually involves small groups of two to four working out together and forming a human pyramid to place any junk food out of reach. The trainers often use the FitRanX fitness-testing system to determine how fit a person is before they start Rush's programs and to monitor their progress throughout.
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    1673 E Oakton St.
    Des Plaines, IL US
  • Stretch-Lift-Run
    Designing an effective workout on your own can be difficult, even with a gym's worth of workout equipment at your disposal. The Stretch-Lift-Run website solves this problem, posting a new, customizable workout five days a week. Designed to build lean muscle, burn fat, and boost endurance, the workouts follow the basic progression outlined in the site name: stretching, strength training, then cardio work.
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    Des Plaines, IL US

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