Tanning Salons in Dickson

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  • Tan 2000 and Beyond
    At Tan 2000 and Beyond, which has served approximately 29,000 customers in its 11-year history, Magic Tan booths and tanning beds gild pale pelts. Tanners can step into a private booth in the buff or in Spiderman underpants and wait for more than 35 nozzles to evenly spritz a butterscotch solution in an approximately 1-minute process. The caramel coating can last for up to 7 days, and it combines color, DHA, and moisturizers for a hydrating application. With the second option, warmth-seeking tanners can cozy up inside a UVB bed for one month of unlimited 20-minute sessions that bronze limbs better than an afternoon with a toddler armed with burnt-sienna crayons.
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    330 Mayfield Drive
    Franklin, TN US
  • Sun Tan City
    Sun Tan City's specially designed devices bathe bodies in an even, bronze glow. The tanning beds ($9-$34) apply a delicate balance of UVA and UVB rays to create the fun-in-the-sun look, with varying session durations depending on the bed's level of intensity -- fast, faster, fastest, or instant. The VersaSpa Sunless Tanning System ($34) can provide a natural, even-tonal transformation without the use of UV rays. Standing upright in the VersaSpa booth, your body will be gently misted with either a clear or bronze solution, which will then be combined with an anti-aging moisturizing skin treatment. Each booth is scientifically designed to provide a breathe-easy treatment and features an exhaust system to send the lingering mist out while sealing in skin's new shade. Finally, after a few minutes in the comfort air-dry system, your body will be dry to the touch.
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    4091 Mallory Ln
    Franklin, TN US

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