Nail Salons in and near Las Vegas, NV

With all the glitz in Sin City, finding a nail salon in Las Vegas should be easy. From simple and sparse surroundings to ambience that matches the most brilliant Vegas casino, we’ve got a list of where you need to go to get your Las Vegas nails.

Road Testing No-Chip Manicures & Traditional Manicures

When she found out no-chip manicures were supposed to last for two whole weeks, our editor decided to put the two manicure styles in a head-to-head battle to see how they stack up.


1. Application

Traditional manicure: After soaking and grooming the nail bed, then filing nails into shape, the technician brushes a base coat on first, usually followed by a coat or two of the chosen polish, then finished with a top coat. Sometimes this process is accompanied by a hand scrub or massage.


No-chip manicure: The only difference between this and the traditional manicure is that the polish is cured by a UV lamp, which dries the polish within minutes. Seriously, minutes!


2. After Two Weeks

Traditional manicure: Her nails were chipped and peeling days before the two weeks were up.


No-chip manicure: True to its moniker, after two weeks, her nails were just as shiny and well-kept as when she first left the salon. “I think this stuff is mined in space.”


3. Removal

Traditional manicure: Removing regular nail polish simply requires a cotton ball, polish remover, and five minutes of time.


No-chip manicure: Removal requires a trip to the salon, where nails are soaked, then scraped, then soaked again—and can take up to 30 minutes.


In Summary

While the longevity and shininess of the no-chip manicure make it well worth the higher price, traditional manicures have the advantage of being cheaper and easier to remove.

Try This: Paraffin Wax Treatment

This little add-on can make your manicure experience near-perfect.


What Paraffin Wax Is Made Of

White in its solid form, transparent in liquid, paraffin is distilled from petroleum, just like lip balm and baby oil. An emollient, it creates a protective layer on skin to soften it and prevent moisture from escaping.


How Paraffin Wax Is Applied

The tech will first apply moisturizer to hydrate hands and/or feet, then submerge them in a vat of warm liquid wax. The warmth and emollient properties of the wax help the skin deeply absorb the moisturizer. After the wax has hardened, the technician will slip it off the skin.


The Results

With your skin noticeably softer, the technician can more easily groom your cuticles. Beyond skin-softening, the warm wax can also benefit pain and stiffness in joints and release soft-tissue tension.

Best Nail Art Manicures in Las Vegas


Nail Society

Nothing says “Las Vegas nails” like amazing nail art—and at this salon, they decorate nails on eye-catching designs, from cartoon characters to crystal arrangements, to intricate mandalas.


Candy Nails Spa

These nail artists create three-dimensional designs with astonishing skill—whether it’s carefully painting on flowers so that they look 3D, or creating actual 3D designs by precisely placing crystals and other embellishments to adorn nails.