Coffee Shops in Missouri City

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  • Scoops Ice Cream and Gelato
    Scoops Ice Cream and Gelato features a variety ice-cold treats to cool down mouths. Customers can choose from 32 flavors of ice cream, gelato, and italian ice, and cool off during a hot summer's day when the sun seems close enough to light a birthday candle with.
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    10315 W Airport Blvd Suite 8
    Stafford, TX US
  • It's A Grind
    Early morning sun filters through diaphanous white curtains, bathing a line of customers in a warm glow as they await their drinks. Behind the counter, staff members buzz about, filling cups with floods of steamy tea and coffee while simultaneously chatting with their patrons. So begins another day at Teahouse And Coffee Tapioca Bar, where cheery red walls and cozy chairs beckon guests to sit and quench their thirst late into the evening. The shop churns out more than 150 tea, coffee, and juice drinks ranging from traditional cappuccinos to unique selections such as pineapple gel cream tea, kumquat-lemon juice, and frozen Japanese green tea. Baristas also bolster standard drinks with the addition of brown-sugar- and caramel-laden tapioca pearls hand-plucked from wild pudding cups. As they sip, guests can also snack on cupcakes and muffins and surf the Internet on the shop’s free WiFi.
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    4727 Sweetwater Blvd
    Sugar Land, TX US
  • Solo Cakes and Cookies Cafe
    Solo Cakes & Cookies Cafe whips up batches of moist cupcakes and healthy soy cookies daily in addition to concocting wedding-day confections. A rotating menu of cupcake flavors includes classic standbys such as chocolate and vanilla, which sweetly complement cups of coffee. Staffers also eagerly accept the challenge of a custom order, adorning cake tops with intricate flowers and swirling frosting latticework. Customers surf free WiFi for recipe ideas or food-fight videos while bakers work, and Solo Cakes & Cookies Cafe serves Ethiopian breakfast noshes alongside a smorgasbord of sweets, which can be devoured atop square tables located indoors or streetside.
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    6121 Hillcroft St
    Houston, TX US
  • Royal Tea Cafe
    In a cozy space awash in bright lights and leaf-green décor, Royal Tea Café serves quick Vietnamese dishes and drinks. Their namesake specialty, cool bubble teas, float chewy boba pearls in flavored green or black cream teas, and hide the tapioca bubbles beneath lychee- or mango-flavored slushes. Hot savory dishes provide a pleasant contrast to the chilly drinks or leisurely strolls in the Arctic: Banh mi nestles char-grilled pork or chicken into a baguette with cilantro and quick-pickled veggies, while vermicelli noodles delicately entwine char-grilled beef or veggies.
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    264 Northwest Mall
    Houston, TX US
  • AddicTEA Cafe Westheimer
    Every delicate, pastel-colored dessert at addicTEA Cafe looks as if it should be a centerpiece at an elegant tea party. That's because the staff specializes in piping frosting into realistic floral designs in shades of mauve, lavender, and ombre shades of pink and crimson. And although their macarons lack exterior frosting, the bright colors of their lemon kumquat, green tea, and blueberry varieties fit right in between cakes. Since no tea party would be complete without tea or someone munching on dishware, staff also create unique drinks. They add a slight tang to iced green teas with a pinch of sea salt, and incorporate jiggly squares of coffee gelatin into chocolate icy milks. For a creamier drink, they also make iced tea in the Thai style with a splash of sweetened condensed milk.
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    8586 Westheimer Rd.
    Houston, TX US
  • Bambu Desserts and Drinks
    In 2008, four sisters started Bambu Desserts & Drinks as a hobby. Today, the San Jose?born brand has established a major presence in the Bay Area, and has expanded to other states including Hawaii, Nevada, and Texas. Bambu?s success can be traced to the quality of its treats, as well as its variety: the menu is packed with about 100 Asian-inspired desserts and beverages. Tapioca balls float in their milk teas, which range in flavor from lychee to coconut to jasmine, and their dessert drinks combine such intriguing ingredients as coconut, pandan jelly, longan, basil seed?which form the Bambu special. Various hot and cold coffee drinks, such as Vietnamese coffee, caf? mochas, and lattes, put a spring in guests' step?more convenient than filling your shoes with jumping beans. The staffers also concoct blended coffees and smoothies, which come in flavors including strawberry, coconut, papaya, and avocado
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    11209 Bellaire Blvd.
    Houston, TX US

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