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  • NW BBQ and Grilling School
    Smoke and fierce heat rise from a battalion of Weber gas grills and Big Green Egg smokers as barbecue docents line up in front of them, ready to wrangle rafts of raw meat into expertly grilled, smoked, and sauced feasts. In classes that range from three to seven hours, Phoenix BBQ and Grilling School's instructors impart their knowledge of sauces and marinades. They also teach students how to brine, smoke, and grill ingredients such as ribs, turkeys, chickens, peppers, pork, and veggies, all of which are provided. The three dudes in charge have been leading classes since 1998. Head honcho Stu McMullen draws upon myriad cooking classes and international travels to develop exciting recipes, while "sauce king" Eric Viken introduces sauces that can enchant palates and save accidentally overcooked meats. The barbecue experts hold classes onsite or in private backyards, enabling the family cat to finally learn to do something productive with its hunting gifts.
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    5342 W Camelback Road Suite 500
    Glendale, AZ US
  • Whisked Away
    At Whisked Away, each three-hour, hands-on cooking class operates under the spicy eye of chef Maggie Norris, who worked with mega-chefs Mario Batali and Emeril Lagasse, among others, during a post-culinary-school stint at the Food Network. Now cooking in the comforts of her home-style kitchen, Maggie conducts each lesson by progressing from recipe discussion to comprehensive prep time, leaving enough time at the end for a sit-down celebration of all pupil-prepared eats. The calendar currently includes themes such as ?Cuban Influenced Dinner? on September 16, ?Elegant Dinner Party Menu? on September 21, and ?A Taste of New Orleans? on September 30. All ingredients, utensils, cookware, and hankies for mopping away tears of joy are provided.
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    4823 E Mulberry Dr
    Phoenix, AZ US
  • Chef Sara's Raw Vegan Academy and Cafe
    A culinary gem, Chef Sara's Raw Vegan Academy and Cafe in Cave Creek is a popular spot for a flavorful menu. The great menu options allow guests to focus on what matters: the terrific food. Thanks to its outdoor seating, the restaurant is a fantastic option when you want to soak up a bit of that Arizona sun. There's no particular required attire, so feel free to dress comfortably. Also, though the price can be a bit higher than average, the experience here is definitely what you pay for. With vegetarian items on the menu, there really is something for every preference and it's been tabbed by the locals as a really solid option for large groups. If you need food provided for a local event, take advantage of its catering options. Specializing in lunch, a visit to Chef Sara's is definitely worthwhile. Its menu is known to be "healthy." Don't worry about trying to find a spot on the street, as visitors to the restaurant do have access to a private parking lot nearby.
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    6602 E Cave Creek Rd
    Cave Creek, AZ US
  • Icing On My Cake
    Taras Slipka brings something unique to the cakes that he crafts and decorates: an art degree. Drawing from training in Europe, Slipka uses his subtle, classically trained touch to transform delectable French-style pastries into stunning masterpieces. Dozens of styles and flavors cater to any occasion requiring a formally decorated pastry, from weddings to anniversaries to birthdays. Leaving the actual baking and cake construction out, Slipka's decoration classes use fake cakes. This allows pupils to focus solely on the frosting application, creating lifelike calla lilies or roses, perfect for training your dog to devour your nemesis’s flower garden.
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    4390 N Miller Rd
    Scottsdale, AZ US
  • Classic Cooking
    Opened in 2007, Classic Cooking marches under the banner of classic French cooking techniques while using Native American ingredients and dietary foundations. Classically trained French chef and owner Pascal Dionot draws on his extensive training in France, Germany, and Spain to elucidate the finer points of cooking, dining, and fingertip kissing during cooking classes tailored for both career-minded gastronomers and novices. Catering services take Classic Cooking's French–Native American fusion on the road to feed handfuls of hungry partygoers or infinite imaginary friends.
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    10411 E McDowell Mountain Ranch Rd
    Scottsdale, AZ US
  • Smart Kitchen
    Hall of Fame chef Dominic O'Neill satiates the minds of burgeoning chefs with a carefully curated selection of online videos designed to build from basic skills up to more advanced techniques. More than 250 instructional videos imbue home cooks with a deep set of abilities, and recipes both simple and complex add restaurant-quality flavor to family feasts, holiday gatherings, and the mouths of passing pelicans. Customers also learn related concepts such as proper hand washing and the creation of ice sculptures, which make elegant centerpieces. Lessons are grouped into beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics, and content is intuitively organized so that students can explore the intricacies of tomato sauce or the many ways to defend oneself with a napkin.
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    15560 North Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard
    Scottsdale, AZ US

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