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Seafood Restaurants in North Carolina

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  • Krazy Fish
    When you first walk into Krazy Fish, it’s apparent that the restaurant’s staff has had some fun with its moniker. Murals of giant sea creatures colorize the walls, and mannequins swim in green-tinsel seaweed and reefs of faux-pearl necklaces. But, like Charlotte magazine says, “as soon as you’re sipping the restaurant’s hibiscus honey ginger tea, and agua fresca or digging into the tender, citrus-flavored ceviche appetizer. Krazy Fish’s eclectic menu teems with fresh seafood, southern-inspired comfort fare, and bowls of Asian noodles. The kitchen staff infuses pan-seared swai with spicy wasabi and sprinkles with cilantro grown in the backyard garden. Seven types of salsas enliven the tacos, including the tropical pineapple salsa. Krazy Fish also offers three TVs for game watching, a wide selection of beer, wine, and mixed drinks, and is available for private events.
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    2501 Central Ave
    Charlotte, NC US
  • Earp's Seafood Market
    Do you meet your recommended calcium intake? If not, pick up some dairy products and put yourself on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Bread at Earp's Seafood Market is absolutely delicious. Keep your energy and mood up all day long with a tasty coffee or refreshing tea from Earp's Seafood Market. Just a touch of these key baking ingredients will make your baked goods pop, so make sure your kitchen is always well-stocked. Make your own salad dressing in a snap! Oil and vinegar are essential components for a number of common creations, so make sure these guys always have a place in your kitchen. Feeling hungry? Heat up a tasty and affordable TV dinner from here and enjoy the convenience of a quick meal. Going on a road trip or heading to the office? Easy to take anywhere, this snack will hold you over between any meal. Frozen food is a great option for those who don't love to cook, so go ahead and stock up on these items today. Dial down your thirst with some delicious drinks that are both refreshing and cool. Grab any spices and seasonings you need to cook a gourmet dinner here. A classic breakfast option, cereal is always good to have on hand. A box is sure to ease everyone's morning appetite without taking too much time off the clock. Catch all your omega-3 fatty acids! Fish are delicious and nutritious, so start planning your next seafood platter. Whether you prefer your meat smoked, grilled or fried, you can find your preferred choice here. Looking for comfort food? What's better than spaghetti or a savory pasta dish? Grab some of this pasta today and your next meal will be on-point! Whether you cook it or eat it raw, the produce from Earp's Seafood Market will be tasty no matter what. If you're looking for a quick and tasty side dish to go with your meal, check out these great canned food items. When the heat gets the best of you, water is more important than ever. Cool off no matter where you are with a bottle from Earp's Seafood Market. Earp's Seafood Market is centrally located near many parking lot options.
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    1414 S Saunders St
    Raleigh, NC US
  • Sam's Old Fashion Meat
    Load up on the napkins! The juiciest meat is sliced at Sam's Old Fashion Meat in Greensboro. When you're a busy parent on the go, shopping at Sam's Old Fashion Meat for some canned food might be the perfect way to save you hours a week. Healthy eaters realize the importance of dairy in their diet. Make sure you're getting your fill of Vitamin D with dairy products from Sam's Old Fashion Meat. A healthy and light snack from Sam's Old Fashion Meat is a great way to keep your energy up throughout the day. Not everyone has time for pancakes in the morning. Get going with a tasty box of cereal the whole family will enjoy. When all you need is an incredibly quick dinner, this place offers some of the best TV dinners around to satisfy your needs. For an upgrade to your meals, you'll definitely want to test the fine meats for purchase here. If you're looking for beverages that will handle all your hydration needs, look no further. This drink will refresh, renew, and refuel your energy. Ready for a change? Switch up your weekly meal selections with some bold spices and seasonings from here. You'll love the selection of coffee and teas at Sam's Old Fashion Meat, decaffeinated options available, too! Health-conscious eaters will love the wide selection of fish on hand. Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, the produce from this store will give you the energy your body needs. For breads, cookies, cakes, and pies that will blow your mind, are couple extra sweet ingredients are kitchen must-haves. Find healthy and affordable oil and vinegar at Sam's Old Fashion Meat and keep the good meals coming all week long. Water junkies can get their gulp on with a swig from Sam's Old Fashion Meat. Get your noodle on! Sam's Old Fashion Meat has some of the best and affordable noodle and pasta options in the area. Fight for your free time by utilizing the modern convenience of frozen food, which promises to maximize your time. Sam's Old Fashion Meat's selection of bread goes great with any meal you were planning on making. If you're commuting by car, you will be happy to know that Sam's Old Fashion Meat is located near a number of parking options. Whether you want to season the meat yourself or have it come pre-seasoned, Sam's Old Fashion Meat's butcher shop will give you a quality cut and great-tasting protein in Greensboro.
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    1511 Twain Rd
    Greensboro, NC US
  • Sea Products Seafood Market
    Pick up some fresh and tasty pasta from Sea Products Seafood Market and slurp your way to happiness. If you always seem to have one foot out the door, breakfast can be tricky. For a quick and easy solution, a box of cereal is right up your alley. The gourmet spices and seasonings available here will take any meal to the next level. Stay refreshed no matter where you are! Water is available at Sea Products Seafood Market. The bread baked at Sea Products Seafood Market gets rave reviews, so taste it yourself today. Make your own salad dressing or secret sauce with some flavorful and healthy oil and vinegar from here. Feeling hungry? Your favorite healthy and light snacks are waiting for you at Sea Products Seafood Market. Every chef needs a break from the heat, so enjoy a frozen dinner without lifting a finger. Make sure you always have a variety of beverages on hand, especially during the warmer months. This drink is sure to take care of business. Sea Products Seafood Market understands what it's like having no time at all. That's why they make sure they're well stocked with the canned foods that help save you time. When you get that craving for chocolate chip cookies, pick up the ingredients here. Packed with essential nutrients, be sure to try walk away with some delicious fish for dinner. Fight for your free time by utilizing the modern convenience of frozen food, which promises to maximize your time. Upgrade your barbecue by selecting from the fine meats available here. If you love to taste different tea and coffee blends, check out the selection of items available at Sea Products Seafood Market. Whether you cook it or eat it raw, the produce from Sea Products Seafood Market will be tasty no matter what. If milk is your go-to beverage, you'll love the dairy products available here (great for strengthening your bones and teeth). For your convenience, there are plenty of parking spots for you to make use of during your visit.
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    463 W End Blvd
    Winston Salem, NC US
  • Capital Seafood Market
    Whether you're on the hunt for sweet or savory food items, Capital Seafood Market in Durham has it all. Dial down your thirst with some delicious drinks that are both refreshing and cool. Without a doubt, the best vinegar and oil options are stocked on the shelves at their terrific store. You can't find a better selection of spices and seasonings than the one here. At Capital Seafood Market, you can grab some fresh noodles, channel your inner chef and get your cook on. Capital Seafood Market serves up the most delicious freshly-baked bread in town. Head on over and pick up a loaf today. Everyone loves cereal in the morning. Stop in to get your family's favorites. Go under the sea with a few fresh catches, and enjoy a meal rich in protein and flavor. You can never have too much water on hand, so grab a bottle or two from Capital Seafood Market. We all could use a little dairy in our diet, so why not add some to your day and pick it up at Capital Seafood Market? You'll feel great knowing you're getting just the right nutrition. When you have a hunger craving in between meals, these snacks will come in handy. If you're worried about your protein intake, you'll rest assured that great, delicious meats are available here. When you need your coffee or tea fix, the selections from Capital Seafood Market will certainly come in hand. Feeling hungry? Pick up some frozen food from here and enjoy a night snacking on all of your favorite items. Dinner is on the table in one, two, three with a microwavable meal (you'll be surprised how great it tastes, too!). When you're in the mood to bake, remember to add a dash of extra sweetness. It will make your creations come alive like never before. Eating healthy isn't always easy, but with produce on hand like this it just got easier. When you're just looking to open a can, heat it, and then eat, the canned food aisle at Capital Seafood Market offers you exactly just that kind of convenience. Ample parking is located near Capital Seafood Market. So remember, when you pick up your groceries from Capital Seafood Market in Durham, you're investing in the best quality and freshness.
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    1304 University Dr
    Durham, NC US
  • Blue Seas Seafood
    At Blue Seas Seafood in Fayetteville, you can find a wide array of grocery staples and specialty items to keep your kitchen well stocked. Here you can find a wide range of meats, such as chicken and beef, at a price you just can't pass up. You'll be amazed at how much time you can save by buying canned food. It's like a shortcut to a better prepared meal. If no-muss, no-fuss is your kind of attitude, a delicious TV dinner may be right up your alley. Health-conscious eaters will love the wide selection of fish on hand. The drinks available here are a great way to restore your body's natural balance, so start sipping. Embrace your inner chef and try out a new recipe with some bold and fun spices and seasonings from here. You can never have too much water on hand, so grab a bottle or two from Blue Seas Seafood. Start your long and busy work week off on the right foot with a tasty and energizing coffee or tea from Blue Seas Seafood. When you want to elevate your cooking's taste, you'll definitely want to keep your kitchen well stocked with the vinegar and oil offered here. This store has all the supplies you need to make a scrumptious dessert when your tastebuds are calling. Enjoy a small, bite-sized snack from Blue Seas Seafood and cure your hunger pains. Blue Seas Seafood's selection of bread goes great with any meal you were planning on making. The produce available here is a great side to any meal in need of some fresh nutrients. The frozen food offered here is so delicious you won't even be able to tell it wasn't home-cooked. If you're a lover of all things dairy, help yourself to some great products at Blue Seas Seafood for all your protein and calcium needs. Bring out your Italian side in the kitchen and create a yummy pasta dish with some noodles from Blue Seas Seafood. Cereal tastes so good, you'll want to eat it around the clock (so go ahead!). Heading to Blue Seas Seafood? Take your vehicle for a spin and park it with ease at one of the nearby parking choices. Check off each and every grocery item on your list when you shop at Fayetteville's Blue Seas Seafood.
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    821 Person St
    Fayetteville, NC US

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