Personal Development in North Vancouver, BC

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  • Whistler ATV
    Founded in 1987, Whistler Snowmobile and its expert guides combine the instinctive navigational skills of the arctic wolf with the rumbling engines of the modern factory, prowling Brandywine's mountainous backcountry paths in search of winter adventure. Whether they're leading group excursions across a high-alpine powder bowl or pairing riders with sleds from their fleet of rental vehicles, they put more than three decades of exploration experience behind every decision and suggestion. In addition to showcasing their prowess on guided outings, they also share their expertise through clinics that prep students for safe snowmobile operation, industrial riding work, or life as instructors themselves.
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    Whistler, BC CA
  • Sea to Sky Air
    Seasoned staff pilots orchestrate Sea to Sky Air's ascents for sightseeing, travelling, and instructional purposes. Pilots secure views of Mother Nature’s most flattering angles during flight tours that whirl above Squamish Valley, Whistler, and Vancouver Harbour. Stationed in Squamish, the crew also coordinates charters to surrounding travel destinations, often taking off from Vancouver International Airport.
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    Squamish, BC CA
  • Blackcomb Adventures
    With private lodges and easy access to a high alpine bowls at 6,000 feet about sea level, this family run company is the perfect place to explore Whistler’s playground. Blackcomb Snowmobile offers a luxurious version of mountain adventures. Two groomers head out daily to tame the trails, and ensure smooth rides between the areas more spectacular viewpoints. Guides set out on their heels to ride the freshly fallen blankets of powder. They explore this wondrous wintry paradise in all manner of adventurous ways, including fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping snowmobile rides. They also lead walking tours using snow shoes, reunite you with man’s best friend on their dog sled tours, and in deep powder days offer the bucket list item of cat skiing. After a long day of thrilling fun, they help guests refuel by sending a private chef to their remote backcountry log cabin to prepare a fondue meal or an entrée choice of steak or salmon.
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    Vancouver, BC CA
  • Blackcomb Aviation
    Whether it's the quiet tranquility of an alpine picnic or the adrenaline thrill of high-octane skiing, there are certain emotions that you can't feel anywhere but at a remote mountaintop. But that very remoteness stands in the way of capturing those experiences—unless, of course, you have a helicopter. Blackcomb Helicopters specializes in chartered journeys to otherwise inaccessible peaks, opening up a whole world of glacier hiking, sightseeing tours, and mountaintop fishing.
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    Whistler, BC CA
  • Flight City Enterprises
    Ever wonder what it's like to fly? Flight City Enterprises gives laypeople the chance to see what it's like to helm a 747 without going through the training, testing, and feather collecting a real pilot does. The Gear Flight City maintains a professional-level flight-training simulator, about which former airline pilots have claimed, "I felt like I was right back in the cockpit." The simulator creates weather situations, such as snow, and random traffic patterns, as well as reproducing operative malfunctions. The Experience After a quick briefing, newbie fliers take the helm alongside their instructor, who shows them every last duty, from preflight to landing. Together, they check gauges and meters before they take the "plane" into the sky, stressing the three major tasks: aviate, navigate, and communicate. Finally, the instructor guides them through an approach and landing, plus final breathing exercises to shake off the stress.
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    Richmond, BC CA
  • Canadian Flight Centre
    Based at Kamloops and Boundary Bay Airport, Canadian Flight Centre has used its fleet of small aircraft to train more than 3,000 professional and recreational pilots since its inception in 1979. After a thorough ground-school education, potential commercial and private fliers hop into planes for flight training. Instructors utilize the region's unique proximity to coastal mountains and the Pacific Ocean to teach specific mountain checkout or water-related flying and instrument skills. They outfit their instructional aircraft with all the controls, instrumentation, and capabilities necessary to imbue industry-standard proficiency.
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    Delta, BC CA