Paragliding in Oakdale

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  • Glendecos Hanggliding School
    Hang gliding is as close as you can get to flying without sprouting feathers. To avoid that avian fate, Gledeco's Hang Gliding School teaches students how to soar through the skies on a glider. USHPA–certified instructors take students through all of the safety lessons and provide all necessary equipment to get them flying. Once you feel comfortable leaving the ground, you can float over a local canopy or spy on your neighbor’s pool from above during weekday evening and weekend evening and morning sessions.
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    Ceres, CA US
  • Dive High
    Dive High's instructors teach students how to hang-glide with ease and safety. In beginner's lessons, they’ll learn fundamental skills such as taking off, landing, and how to call your hang glider back to your arm if it flies off on its own. The lessons become more in-depth over long-term courses, eventually allowing students to take sustained flights over the San Jose area.
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    25001 Kasson Rd.
    Tracy, CA US
  • Sportations
    Sportations connects amateur adrenaline jockeys to certified professional adventurers, drawing from a nationwide network of aeronauts and speed demons to introduce habitual pedestrians to the wonders of skydiving, ballooning, hang gliding, and stock-car racing. Thrill seekers can zipline across a forest canopy, hollering like Tarzan or taunting nearby birds until they agree to race. Helicopter tours ferry patrons skyward over landmarks and cityscapes, whereas paragliding adventures get up close and personal with blue skies and clouds. For most sports, Sportations accommodates groups of any size, from physics classes empirically proving gravity's existence to solo ballooning supervillains declaring dominion over all they see.
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    23597 N Hwy 99
    Acampo, CA US
  • Adventures Pass
    With more than a dozen adrenaline-pumping activities available at discounts of at least 50 percent, the Adventures Pass gives its holders the opportunity to eschew the couch and experience the adventures their local merchants have to offer. With a single pass, customers can get deals on everything from horseback riding and indoor rock climbing to wakeboarding and paragliding, all at companies located within driving or skydiving distance.
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    3443 Laguna Blvd.
    Elk Grove, CA US
  • East Bay Hang Gliding
    The views from an airplane can be stunning, so long as you're lucky enough to snag a window seat. But those faraway sights don't compare to wind in your face and birds-eye views of mountains, valleys, and coastlines during East Bay Hang Gliding's thrilling self-propelled flights. Since 2011, instructor Robert Booth has introduced more than 600 students to the world of hang gliding, teaching them flying techniques and safety protocol at their own pace. A specialist in the field, his goal is building up a strong hang-gliding community pilot by pilot, which has informed every piece of his comprehensive and breathtaking training program. Along the way, students can opt for tandem flights or solo expeditions, an advantage that birds don't even get when they're first starting out.
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    6722 Sapphire St.
    Dublin, CA US
  • Mission Soaring Center
    Since 1973, Mission Soaring Center has assumed many identities. First, it was a glider supply center that provided aluminum and eventually complete airframe kits to eager flyers. Then, it helped enthusiasts not only build their kits but also fly them during trips to training dunes at Fort Ord. Through every incarnation, one man has been at the helm: owner, founder, and hang-gliding wunderkind Pat Denevan. In addition to helping shape the hang-gliding industry, Pat also has played a pivotal role in the development of training standards and instructor-certification programs. In doing so, he was named the US Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association instructor of the year in 2001. To this day, Mission Soaring Center still provides gliding enthusiasts—be they beginners or advanced—with lessons, clinics, equipment rentals, and equipment-repair services. Lessons entreat new flyers to learn the ins and outs of basic movements in simulation harnesses and ground schools, before using a specialized winch that sends low-flying practice flights across greater distances. More advanced classes encourage gliders to move toward unassisted flights, as they eventually hit the necessary skill levels to take trips to Big Sur and launch at 3,000 feet. Customers can browse the large selection of gliders and equipment at the shop, where staff members pair them with the right harnesses, gliders, and accessories. At the repair shop, trained technicians perform maintenance and inspections on harnesses, frames, and sails, with simulators ready to help determine the perfect fit.
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    Corner of Quien Sabe Rd. and Hwy. 25
    Tres Pinos, CA US