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  • The Haggin Museum
    The Haggin Museum’s redbrick pediment has cast its shadow on the grassy expanses of Victory Park since 1931. Though not much has changed in its outward appearance, the museum’s collection of fine artworks and historical artifacts has continued to evolve. Recent decades have brought new landscapes, portraits, and commercial artworks to the art wing, where one can view American painter Albert Bierstadt's stunning Yosemite landscapes alongside the iconic images of J. C. Leyendecker, Norman Rockwell’s predecessor at the Saturday Evening Post. The history galleries cast a spotlight on how Stockton has shifted and grown over the past 150 years. The finely curated exhibits craft a seamless narrative that begins with the pre-pioneer lifestyle of an average Native American family.
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    1201 N Pershing Ave
    Stockton, CA US
  • World of Wonders
    Lego cars zip down ramps, giant bubbles bobble in the air, and lightning strikes inside a glass orb. At World of Wonders, these are just a few of the more than 50 hands-on experiments designed to excite the imagination and nurture a love of science. The World of Wonders opened in March of 2009. There, kids and adults learn how light, sound, motion, and sight work at manipulative exhibits such as the shake table, which shows how buildings can withstand earthquakes. By placing one hand on a copper plate and the other on an aluminum plate, visitors learn how their bodies are conduits for electrons while observing their electric current on a meter. It's permanent features like these, as well as rotating events, that inspire the minds of future engineers, astronauts, and mad scientists whose Frankenstein-like creations are actually just misunderstood by society.
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    2 N Sacramento St.
    Lodi, CA US
  • The Serpentarium
    Established: 1989 Staff Size: 2–10 people Parking: Free street parking Most popular offering: Free and paid experiences Pro Tip: Admission is immediate credit toward most purchases Good for Kids: Yes Walk-ins Welcome: Yes Q&A with Robert Coral, President / Ceo What sets your business apart from your competition? We are the largest reptile attraction in Northern California. Is there anything else you want to add that we didn't cover? We offer birthday parties, guided tours and field trips as well. What is the best reaction you’ve ever gotten from a customer? Many people leave saying that their visit was better than going to the zoo. What’s your favorite part about your job? Working with the animals and being able to improve the lives of our customers' animals through proper education.
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    2379 Maggio Circle
    Lodi, CA US
  • Sacramento Children's Museum
    A whirlpool drags boats into the watery abyss. Racecars vie for supremacy on a track. Inexorable gears grind in a vast and purposeless machine. These are not the dreams of a dozing Rube Goldberg, but the interactive exhibits at the Sacramento Children's Museum. Next to the fluid-dynamics room, where child Poseidons subject boats to their tidal whims, a solar-powered raceway and an interactive gear assembly teach important lessons about the forces that keep the natural world moving when it would much rather be eating Almond Joys. These entertaining, hands-on experiences with scientific fundamentals are bolstered by the museum's calendar of events. Regular showcases such as story time, cultural-history lessons, and exercise classes intersperse children's-museum interaction with traditional word-of-mouth learning sessions.
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    2701 Prospect Park
    Rancho Cordova, CA US
  • Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum
    Four Things to Know About Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum The Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum houses a collection of historical artifacts and tools. Unlike other museums, however, it doesn’t store this collection behind a pane of glass. Rather, it keeps those artifacts doing what they were designed to do: projecting silent films and giving the public an up close look at good ole’ fashioned movie magic. Learn more about the museum and the history of film in Niles below: The walls are rich with history. Originally the Edison Theater, the Museum’s edifice was built in 1913. During the ten years it was a nickelodeon, it hosted many a silent film premiere, seeing stars such as Charlie Chaplin grace its seats. After that glorious decade, a newer, more modern model opened next door, and the Edison’s original purpose was lost to time— until a local organization stepped in to rescue the history it represented, that is. It regularly resurrects A-list actors from yesteryear. The likes of Charlie chaplin and Broncho Billy still excite and entertain audiences today thanks to the museum’s regular silent film screenings. They offer chances to go behind the scenes. Docents regularly host tours of theater, which, of course, include a movie or two. After famed silent movie stars do their thing on the silver screen, groups head out of the main theater to check out old projectors, learn the history of film in Niles, and even enter a Zoetrope workshop to make their own moving picture strip. The amenities are modern, but not too modern. The theater shows films for regular attendance every week, using an old-fashioned 16mm reel-to-reel projector. For those silent films that don’t come with their own soundtrack, the theater retains a pianist, who plays the score live. Beyond the bounds of the theater, though, the 21st century reigns. Modern popcorn makers and soda machines supply fresh snacks and beverages.
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    37395 Niles Blvd
    Fremont, CA US
  • The Tech Museum of Innovation
    Its name may contain the word "museum," but The Tech Museum of Innovation prefers not to wallow in the past. Since its earliest days in 1978, it has exhibited the timeless principles of science while also celebrating the latest in technological achievement. In doing so, the institution inspires visitors to apply that same spirit of creative problem-solving to all aspects of life. Size: the mango-and-azure domed building fills 132,000 square feet with hundreds of interactive exhibits and six labs Hands-On Experiments: ride in a jet-pack chair worthy of NASA, feel what it's like to experience an earthquake, grow jellyfish DNA in a lab, learn about internet security in Cyber Detectives, and use wearable technology that measures physical and emotional states in Body Metrics. Eye-Catchers: the creations inside Social Robots, where visitors design and build robots before dressing them up in hats that a human could never pull off Permanent Mainstay: The Tech Awards Gallery, a showcase of past inventions and inventors from the museum's annual Tech Awards Don't Miss: The Tech Studio, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at the prototypes and fabrication of upcoming exhibits—and lets visitors be among the first to test them
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    201 S Market St
    San Jose, CA US

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