When it comes to Pittsburgh pizza places, gourmet options abound, from the authentic, Neapolitan-style pies at Il Pizzaiolo (wood-fired, in an oven imported from Italy no less), to the doughy, salty, Sicilian-style slabs at Graziano’s. But while both of these spots could arguably be said to serve some of the best pizza in Pittsburgh, another pizza joint sets itself apart in terms of notoriety and scale. Vocelli Pizza, a fast-casual pizza chain, was founded in the Mount Lebanon area in 1988 and has since expanded to more than 100 locations throughout the eastern and southern US. Though few would consider it one of the best restaurants in Pittsburgh, Vocelli is consistently ranked among the top 100 fastest-growing pizza companies, and it retains a loyal following within the Pittsburgh tri-state area, where some locals still refer to it by its former name: Pizza Outlet.

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